Best spearfishing knife for your spearfishing adventures

blue grouper released from fishing line with spearfishing knife

To me, having a knife when you’re spearfishing is just common sense. I dived into the why it’s important in a previous article, but today I want to explain how to choose the best spearfishing knife. Because there’s just so much choice. And if you choose wrong, it could end up costing you. Max Spearfishing […]

The “Best” Blue Water Speargun to Catch Massive Fish

the best blue water speargun to catch-massive fish

When you’re chasing really big fish, you want the best speargun possible. And in the open ocean, bigger is better. To take down a monster tuna or wahoo, you need a speargun version of a bazooka. And that’s where the blue water speargun fits in. It’s been specifically designed for power and distance, allowing you […]

The Megalodon: The largest Shark that ever existed

the largest shark the megalodon

Max Spearfishing is reader-supported. We may earn a small commission for purchases using our links. Click here to learn more.     The Megalodon: The largest Shark that ever existed The Megalodon shark was the meanest predator ever to set foot in the water. Known by its scientific name Carcharodon megalodon,which literally translates to “big tooth” […]

The Best Pole Spear for Spearfishing | Pole Spear Buyer’s Guide

the best pole spear for spearfishing

Like many of my friends, the first investment I made into my spearfishing hobby was a pole spear. It wasn’t the best pole spear in the market, in fact I bought it for $5 from a neighbor’s yard sale. The prongs were bent, and the rubber snapped on me after a few dives, but it […]

How to Spear Fish: The Greatest Spearfishing Guide Ever Created

the greatest spearfishing guide ever created

Before we get stuck into it I just want to say thanks. Thanks for reading this spearfishing guide, thanks for checking out my page, and thanks for your interest in learning how to spear fish. In the following pages I cover everything I’ve learnt from decades in the water, speargun in hand, doing what I […]

Why you should buy a titanium dive knife

why you should buy a titanium dive knife

Titanium dive knives are a touchy subject. There are people (like me) who love the lightweight little blades, while many of my friends swear by their choice steel-bladed spearfishing knives. Personally, I think a knife is a knife and it doesn’t really matter so long as you’ve got some form of blade when you’re spearfishing, […]

How in the world do I go spearfishing in Thailand?

beautiful beaches to spearfish from in thailand

Thailand is a magical place. From the urban chaos of a city like Bangkok to the quiet peace that settles on Koh Surin once the generator’s power down, you can find whatever it is you’re looking for on holidays. As a keen spearo, I’ve wanted to try spearfishing in Thailand for a long time. The […]

The Best Spearfishing Mask to Buy [Updated for 2023]

The Best Spearfishing Mask to Buy

Choosing the best spearfishing mask can be a difficult decision. Because your mask is one of the most critical pieces of spearfishing gear to get “right” before hitting the water. But choosing the right dive mask is confusing. So many types. So many brands. So many features. It’s hard to know what’s what. So in […]