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Best spearfishing knife for your spearfishing adventures

blue grouper released from fishing line with spearfishing knife

To me, having a knife when you’re spearfishing is just common sense. I dived into the why it’s important in a previous article, but today I want to explain how to choose the best spearfishing knife. Because there’s just so much choice. And if you choose wrong, it could end up costing you. Max Spearfishing […]

Why you should buy a titanium dive knife

why you should buy a titanium dive knife

Titanium dive knives are a touchy subject. There are people (like me) who love the lightweight little blades, while many of my friends swear by their choice steel-bladed spearfishing knives. Personally, I think a knife is a knife and it doesn’t really matter so long as you’ve got some form of blade when you’re spearfishing, […]