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Spearfishing Gear: Choose the Right Gear for Spearfishing in 2023

spearfishing gear you need to spear fish

Choosing the right spearfishing gear can be tough. You’ve got so many different brands (and quality levels) to choose from. Then there’s the type of spearfishing you’ll be doing. Where you’re actually going. The amount you want to spend. It’s a lot to consider. And I’ll admit, over the years I’ve spent (and wasted) more […]

The Best Hawaiian Sling For Spearfishing in 2023

The Best Hawaiian Sling for Spearfishing

Get your hands on the best Hawaiian sling if you’re looking for range and power when you’re spearfishing (but don’t want a speargun). Buying a Hawaiian sling can be a smart move, especially if you’re spearfishing in an area that doesn’t allow spearguns. Places like The Bahamas that have blanket restrictions on speargun use, your […]

What’s your scariest spearfishing moment?

Whats the scariest moment you've had spearfishing

Considering just how much of my life I spend talking about spearfishing, this is a question I get asked often. And most people typically assume that it’ll have something to do with sharks. But, of course, sharks are the big scary thing in the oceans, and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard, “Oh, […]

The Best Powerheads for Spearfishing

The Best Powerheads for Spearfishing

If you ask about the best powerheads for spearfishing, you will likely get some very different answers. Because spearfishing with a powerhead is a topic the spearfishing community is incredibly divided on. Some say it’s unfair, as your target catch never stands a chance, and I tend to agree. I’d never recommend powerhead spearfishing to […]

Riffe Euro Enclosed Track Speargun Review

riffe euro enclosed track speargun

There’s a lot to love about the Riffe Euro Enclosed Track speargun, and you’ll enjoy getting this weapon in the water for a dive. The streamlined, low-profile Euro-style barrel works. This speargun is powerful yet effortless to handle when you’re in shallow water or chasing smaller fish. And tough enough to land anything more significant […]

Shallow Water Blackout: Don’t Risk It Spearfishing

The risks of shallow water blackout while spearfishing

When you’re spearfishing, shallow water blackout is a real risk. Especially as you start getting better. Once you’re spearfishing in deeper water and holding your breath longer, the chances you (or one of your dive buddies) experience a shallow water blackout increases astronomically. Because people cannot breathe underwater. As much as we’d all like to […]

Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun Review

spearguns mako predator pro 3g

If you’re looking for cost-effective, the Mako Predator Pro 3G speargun is one of the best you’ll find for the price. Precision-built to be strong and durable, their no-questions asked TWO YEAR warranty (to the original purchaser) is incredible. Accurate, with twin 16mm bands as stock, it’s a great speargun for anyone learning to spearfish. […]