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Shallow Water Blackout: Don’t Risk It Spearfishing

The risks of shallow water blackout while spearfishing

When you’re spearfishing, shallow water blackout is a real risk. Especially as you start getting better. Once you’re spearfishing in deeper water and holding your breath longer, the chances you (or one of your dive buddies) experience a shallow water blackout increases astronomically. Because people cannot breathe underwater. As much as we’d all like to […]

Spearfishing accidents: Don’t let your dive turn disastrous

spearfishing accidents

Having seen some particularly nasty spearfishing accidents in my time, you’d be surprised to learn just how much can go wrong when you’re in the water. Because when you’re at the bottom of the ocean, armed with all your gear, it can be easy to forget the spearfishing dangers that exist. I’ve been washed over […]