Growing up by the beach, I quickly developed a love for the water. Surfing, snorkelling, fishing and anything else I could do out in the water became my focus, until one day we were coming in from an unsuccessful days fishing on a friends boat.

Parked next to us was a couple of guys cleaning two of the biggest jewfish I had seen, and laid out next to them was a pile of spearfishing gear.

I was dumbfounded, and started asking questions. How spearguns worked. Where I could get one. Where should we go spearfishing.

I was hooked. That weekend I bought a Hawaiian sling spear and started exploring the reefs around the headlands.

A few months later I upgraded to a proper speargun, and have never looked back.

It was a totally different world I became part of.

Silent like the fish, participating in the food chain. This is what I love most about spearfishing. You’re part of nature again, stalking through the water searching for that perfect fish.

And that’s what this site’s about. My thoughts on the ton of gear I’ve used, along with everything I’ve learned about spearfishing over the last 30 plus years. Enjoy and dive safe.