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Why you need a camo spearfishing wetsuit

diving in a camo spearfishing wetsuit

One of my favourite innovations in spearfishing is the open cell camo spearfishing wetsuit. When I first started spearfishing, we had minimal choice. Everything was closed cell, which meant you were using thicker and less comfortable options in the water. These traditional wetsuits worked to keep you warm, but they didn’t offer any real advantages […]

What’s with the spearfishing wetsuit hood? Learn why it’s a game changer.

whats with the spearfishing wetsuit hood

Until I actually tried a proper spearfishing wetsuit hood, I was a little perplexed as to why they’d be good. Ever since, I’ve been a big fan. I’ll admit, the first time I saw another guy spearfishing with a wetsuit hood I wondered why on earth he’d need that much protection. I had gotten used […]