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Spearfishing Gear: Choose the Right Gear for Spearfishing in 2023

spearfishing gear you need to spear fish

Choosing the right spearfishing gear can be tough. You’ve got so many different brands (and quality levels) to choose from. Then there’s the type of spearfishing you’ll be doing. Where you’re actually going. The amount you want to spend. It’s a lot to consider. And I’ll admit, over the years I’ve spent (and wasted) more […]

What’s your scariest spearfishing moment?

Whats the scariest moment you've had spearfishing

Considering just how much of my life I spend talking about spearfishing, this is a question I get asked often. And most people typically assume that it’ll have something to do with sharks. But, of course, sharks are the big scary thing in the oceans, and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard, “Oh, […]

Understand the Different Types of Spearfishing Fins

Understand the different types of spearfishing fins

Many people struggle when it comes to choosing between the different types of spearfishing fins. By default, freediving fins are the typical go-to for spearfishing, but you will find many varieties of fins to help you swim underwater. When you’re choosing between bodyboarding flippers, snorkeling, scuba, and freediving fins, one thing is sure. They’ve got […]

The Best Fishing Apps for Spearfishing in 2023

The best fishing apps for spearfishing

If there’s a chance one of the best fishing apps will improve my chances of spearing a monster fish, you can bet I’m all over it. Knowing the right spots, the right conditions, even the right time of day can boost your spearfishing success rate significantly. Not to mention uncovering all the secret spearfishing locations […]

How to fix a wetsuit tear that’ll last forever

how to fix a wetsuit tear

I’ve got a tendency to push things a little too far when I’m spearfishing. And after getting washed over the rocks chasing the schools of fish swimming in the wash, I discovered two holes. One in my leg, which would eventually heal. The other I was much more distressed about. I’d torn a 4-inch gash […]

Comprehensive guide to spearfishing techniques

Guide to spearfishing techniques

I’ve been in an out of the water my entire life. But I’ve got a problem. When spearfishing with new people I’m often surprised at their lack of experience. Especially with different spearfishing techniques. Sure, they’re great in one area. But if you want to bring home fish, day after day, you need confidence no […]

Why you need a camo spearfishing wetsuit

diving in a camo spearfishing wetsuit

One of my favourite innovations in spearfishing is the open cell camo spearfishing wetsuit. When I first started spearfishing, we had minimal choice. Everything was closed cell, which meant you were using thicker and less comfortable options in the water. These traditional wetsuits worked to keep you warm, but they didn’t offer any real advantages […]

How to catch lobsters by hand

how to catch lobsters by hand

When I first discovered a cave full of lobsters spearfishing I was stunned. I never knew you could catch lobsters by hand. But over the years I learnt where to look, and how I could quickly and easily pull these lobsters out of the cracks and crevices they were hiding in, because they’re absolutely delicious. […]

Should I punch ear holes in my wetsuit hood?

should i punch holes in my spearfishing wetsuit hood

The only problem with a good wetsuit hood is the seal. Often, it’s so good, you’ll struggle to equalize when you’re spearfishing. Punching holes above your ears is the likely solution you’ll find everyone talking about online, and after doing it myself this last weekend I’d like to share my experience. Max Spearfishing is reader-supported. […]