The Best Fishing Apps for Spearfishing in 2023

The best fishing apps for spearfishing

If there’s a chance one of the best fishing apps will improve my chances of spearing a monster fish, you can bet I’m all over it. Knowing the right spots, the right conditions, even the right time of day can boost your spearfishing success rate significantly.

Not to mention uncovering all the secret spearfishing locations you previously never thought to dive.

Technology has changed remarkably since I started spearfishing, but there’s a lot to be gained from being little more tech-savvy. Keep reading to discover the fishing apps you should be using, to improve your spearfishing game.

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The Best Fishing Apps for Spearfishing in 2023

In the water you’re already completely out of your element. You’re holding your breath, trying to hunt fish that are faster and more agile than you will every be. You’ve got to find an advantage wherever you can when you’re spearfishing. That’s where the best fishing apps come into play. Especially if you’re new to spearfishing.

Finding great spots to go spearfishing is one part of it, as you can explore and discover new areas in your dives. But you can also check the conditions, what other fishermen have been catching in your area, as well as staying on top of the tides, moon cycles, and all the other elements that affect where the fish are going to be. Now there’s no shortage of fishing apps available, and while they each do different things, there’s also a ton of overlap.

Today I’d like to share with you my favorite fishing apps, and explain why I like each, to help you choose the right fishing app for your spearfishing adventures.


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  • Best Overall Fishing App for Spearfishing: Fishbrain
  • Best Fishing App for Maps: Navionics
  • Best App for Fish Finding: Fish Deeper
  • Best Fishing App for Live Conditions: Windy
  • Best Fishing App for Offshore Spearfishing: Pro Angler
  • Best Fishing App for Planning Your Trip: Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time


Get this Fishing App for Spearfishing: Fishbrain

Hand’s down, Fishbrain is the best fishing app for spearfishing. It’s a community-based app that boasts over 14 million members, over 14 million verified catches, and has access to real-time weather and tide information, all over the world. One of my favorite features is uploading my catches and logs, which you can keep private or choose to share with the rest of the Fishbrain community. If you’re new to spearfishing, it’s a good tool to help you identify certain fish species and also where you’ll find them.

Of course, it’s targeted to fishermen so you will find information inside on baits, specific fishing techniques, and locations you won’t be able to spearfish in. But I find learning where the big catches are being made, gives me an edge because I can choose better dive sites based on what’s happening in real time.

  • Interactive maps highlight new fishing spots and exact positions of other catches, to help you choose the right spots to go spearfishing.
  • See catch reports of others in your area, to find where the fish are, and also keep a detailed record of your spearfishing achievements.
  • Connect with people passionate about spearfishing, to share and brag about your catches, follow other users, and meet new friends.
  • Quickly and accurately identify fish species with a photo-recognition tool to determine the most probably species of a fish you’ve seen.
  • Real-time weather updates and tide charts, so that you can better plan your next spearfishing trip, and dive in the best conditions.

Price: Free, with an optional Pro upgrade for $12.99/month or $79.99/year.

Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play.

Fishbrain is the Best Fishing App


Best Fishing App for Maps: Navionics

I’ve not found a better source of map data than what you get in the Navionics fishing app. It can be complicated for a beginner, yes. But you get access to their entire library of charts and a complete set of bathymetric maps. So you can pour through data on the depth and contours of a marine environment, and get an idea of what the seabed actually looks like.

It’s incredibly useful for identifying structures that may not be apparent from the surface, as well as any drop-offs where larger fish like to hang about. Upgrading to a premium package also gives you access to their Sonar Chart functionality, allow you to upload your own data and create your own custom maps. This fishing app turns your smartphone into a high-end GPS fishing unit, so you can better research and plan a spearfishing trip before you head out on the water.

  • Detailed data overlays, navigation guidance and sonar charts to help you make the most of every spearfishing trip.
  • Automatically updated charts and weather and tide data keeps you in the loop for the perfect day out on the water.
  • You can download all the maps before heading offshore so you can keep using this fishing app if your cell service drops.

Price: Depends on the region you’re purchasing maps for, starts at $24.99 for the US & Canada.

Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play.

Navionics Maps and Outdoor Navigation App


Best App for Fish Finding: Fish Deeper

Designed to be paired with their revolutionary sonar device, the Deeper fish finder app allows you to stream live data straight to your smartphone.

It’ll display all the real-time data from the device to your phone, like a typical fish finder. But it’s highly portable. Meaning you can easily attach it to your spearfishing kayak, or toss if from your boat. You’ll get live insights on bottom composition, fish locations, depths, weather and more. Plus, you can customize all of your feeds from narrow to wide-beam scanners, so you’re seeing the information you want. It also allows you to choose the modes, I normally use the “boat” mode when I’m spearfishing with this app.

Personally, I love how sleek and stylish the sonar device is, and I’ve found it quite reliable in finding new spearfishing spots.

  • Set different fish and depth alarms to help you find the perfect spearfishing location that’s completely packed with fish.
  • Operates without the transducer device to provide solunar calendar, weather forecasting functionality and downloadable maps.
  • Notes function allows you to log your catches with a camera mode you can upload and share your catch with other fishermen.

No products found.

Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play.

Deeper Fish Finder App


Best Fishing App for Live Conditions: Windy

One of my favorite apps for live weather conditions is Windy. Inside you get wind, as well as wave height predictions, tide flows, and air and water temperatures. With accurate forecasts 10 days out, it’s not a pure fishing app – but has been designed to give you more information across all water and wind sports. What I like best is you can compare spot conditions, and even ask the local community what it’s like on the ground through the app’s chat features.

You’ll find it’s quite active, and there are new chats and communities where you’ll find questions and condition reports every day. It’s like a social network of outdoor sports enthusiasts, who are all eager and there to support you on your spearfishing adventures.

Price: Free, with a premium upgrade that starts at $9.99/month.

Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play.

Windy Outdoor App


Best Fishing App for Offshore Spearfishing: Pro Angler

Targeting salt water fishermen specifically, the Pro Angler fishing app is perfect if you’re not sure where to head offshore. With GPS coordinates to over several thousand fishing hotspots throughout the coastal United States, there’s a good chance you’ll find a great spot to dive on any given day. Location reports are updated weekly to direct you to the best reefs and hidden hot spots, and the app also includes a wealth of useful services like local bait shops, public boat launches, and weigh stations.

What I particularly like is the guide to over 220+ saltwater fish species, if you happen to come across a fish you’ve never seen before. Integrated with real-time weather forecasts, tide tables and solunar data, you can quickly and easily work out the best time to go spearfishing. Plus, all the State and Federal regulations are inside, with a ton of delicious recipes.

Price: Free trial then a premium upgrade starting from $12.49/month.

Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play.

ProAngler Fishing App


Best Fishing App for Planning Your Trip: Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Another weather tracking and navigation app, what I like about Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time are the predictions. I also like that you can easily save all your favorite dive sites, and you can get forecast conditions at each. This app works using solunar theory, giving you highly accurate predictions for the movements and feeding activities of different species of fish.

It works on the hypothesis that fish are influenced by the sun and moon in relation to their bodies. Understanding this, you can use historical data and real-time forecasts to better pick the best times for fishing at any given location. Wouldn’t it be nice to know to be able to predict that your target fish are around before you suit up and head offshore?

Price: Free, but there is a pro upgrade for $10/month.

Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play.

Fishing Hunting Solunar Time App


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What to look for in the best fishing apps?

If you’re looking to find the best fishing app to go spearfishing, there are a few things to keep in mind. For me, no single fishing app does everything that I’m looking for, so I use a combination of different apps. That way, I can plan and execute a successful spearfishing trip.


What is a fishing app?

You can use fishing apps on your tablet or a smartphone to give you access to more information when you’re spearfishing. Many are designed for anglers, but if you’re spearfishing these apps can give you updated maps, live weather conditions, predictions on fish movements, and even pair with a fish finder device to help you find the perfect spearfishing spot.


Can fishing apps tell me when to go spearfishing?

Yes. One of my favorite fishing apps uses predictions based on solunar theory to give you accurate predictions on fish movements. Using this information, you can better predict the right time to go spearfishing, to increase your chances of landing some great fish.


What maps do you need in a fishing app?

One of my key priorities are the maps. I like to know as much information as possible on the different sites I’ll be spearfishing, and it’s an added bonus if there’s an overlay with catch data from other fishermen. Especially if it’s recent. I want to know depths, currents, temperatures, structures, and it’s an added bonus if there’s data on where to drop my boat in.


What catch data is available in your fishing app?

Knowing what other fisherman are pulling out of the water is vital in a good fishing app. Because it allows you to better plan, to target certain spots for certain species. If you’re new to spearfishing, this kind of information can give you vital clues on potential dive sites you should be targeting. Once I started taking other catch data into account (not just my own), I’ve found countless new locations that are always worth a dive when you’re looking for a new secret spearfishing spot.


What personal stats does your fishing app log?

Knowing where I caught what, along with all the other information on weather, conditions and more helps me to plan the best times to hit up my favorite spots. I’m not disciplined enough to keep a journal of my dives, but logging it in-app is a quick and easy solution. That way I can learn from my past success, and replicate it again and again when the same conditions arise. You’d be surprised just how much more productive this makes you when you’re spearfishing.


What community and social elements are in the app?

Sharing your catches with your friends and family is a key feature to consider. It’s always fun to brag a little, especially to those who slept in and didn’t make it out on the boat that morning. Some apps have their own dedicated communities, while others make it simple to post your catches to popular social platforms like Facebook. I’ve made new friends and boating buddies through connections on these fishing apps, and I have a few spearo’s I follow because they always seem to get the best dives in.


What devices does it work with?

Most apps will function the same across iOS and android, but I’d recommend looking into their multi-device capability. For me, I’ve got a tablet I take on the boat that I use while we’re spearfishing, it’s got a bigger screen and better battery than my smartphone. It’s important that any fishing apps I buy can work seamlessly across multiple devices.


Wrapping up the Best Fishing Apps for Spearfishing in 2023

Ultimately, you can use these fishing apps to improve and enhance your spearfishing experience. I’m a bit of a spearfishing geek, and I like to use the maps to hunt out and find new spearfishing locations, and stay on top of the weather so I know the perfect time to get down and into the water. Choosing the best fishing apps ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for. My advice is to pick a fishing app that has all the features you need, to ensure you’re successful on your next spearfishing trip.


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