Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun Review

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If you’re looking for cost-effective, the Mako Predator Pro 3G speargun is one of the best you’ll find for the price. Precision-built to be strong and durable, their no-questions asked TWO YEAR warranty (to the original purchaser) is incredible. Accurate, with twin 16mm bands as stock, it’s a great speargun for anyone learning to spearfish. Click here to get your hands on the Mako Predator Pro 3G speargun.

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Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun Review [Tested & Reviewed]

For anyone wanting a first speargun that’ll help them catch a ton of fish, the Mako Predator Pro 3G is a great choice (and one that won’t break the bank).

Using a reinforced railgun design that’s become famous thanks to more premium spearguns like the Rob Allen Tuna Railgun, the predator pro is powerful and accurate.

I was impressed with just how well this speargun performed for the price, and in our buyers guide to the best spearguns on the market, the Mako Predator Pro 3G held its own against many more expensive spearguns that you can buy. So click the product box below to get your hands on yours today.

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UPDATE 28th Feb 2022: Due to the release of Mako’s new speargun, the Titan Elite Speargun, the Predator Pro 3G model has been discontinued. You can now buy their new models directly through the Mako store. Click here for the official store


Why Get the Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun?

If you’re looking for a reliable yet budget-friendly speargun, you can’t go past the Mako Predator Pro 3G. It shoots fast and accurate, with a streamlined Euro-style design that makes it feel light and easy to manoeuvre in the water.

You’ll love the clear line of sight you get straight down the shaft to the open-muzzle, and I’m a fan of the twin 16mm powerbands that come as stock. This speargun is plenty powerful, while the reinforced rail ensures you’re not losing out on accuracy when you’re spearfishing.

This is why you should consider the Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun:

  • Two year “no questions asked” warranty on all spearguns
  • Shoots straight and performs well for a cheaper speargun
  • Reinforced barrel reduces flex to improve shot accuracy
  • Comes stock with twin 16mm powerbands for awesome power
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel trigger mech and ergonomic handle
  • Fast shooting 7mm shark fin shaft gets good range


What type of spearfishing is it good for?

The Mako Predator Pro 3G speargun is available in sizes from 50cm up to 130cm, which means you can choose the perfect size for the type of spearfishing you’ll be doing. In my opinion, you’re not going to want anything too long for your first speargun, as you won’t be going too deep or chasing monster fish (at least not quite yet).

To me, the 90cm model will be just about perfect for a beginner. So that’s also the model I chose for this review. It’s not too long and awkward for anyone new to the sport, so you’ll do well chasing smaller fish in under the rocks, as well as taking the odd shot at anything bigger that you come across. And with a 7mm shaft, it’s tough enough to handle the odd “accidental” shot into the rocks (without concern you’ll bend it).

How it feels to use the Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun…

Spearfishing with the Mako Predator Pro 3G is a breeze. Being a shorter model than I usually use, I could feel a slight drop off in range, but not much. Perfect for targeting those skittish smaller fish you’ll find exploring the reef.

The 16mm powerbands that come stock help keep even this shorter speargun performing well, while still being easy to load. After a shot, the light barrel will float to the surface, and the straightforward design makes it simple for even beginners to use. It’s a great buy if you want a cost-effective speargun that’ll catch you fish.

My favourite part of the Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun

This speargun will stand the test of time. Mako has done well producing a product that won’t break the bank yet reliably holds its own against more premium spearfishing brands. They’re constantly searching for ways to upgrade and innovate their spearguns, and the Mako Predator Pro 3G works. Powerful, light and accurate, you’ll do well in the water with one of their spearguns in your hands.

Any downsides?

To me, probably the only fault I could find on this speargun is the design of the handle. It’s solid, however where the loading pad sits, it was pushing into the back of my hand as I hold this speargun at full extension. I see what they’re trying to do to keep this nice and compact, but I was not too fond of it and ended up removing it after the first few dives. This solved the problem, but I would be wary of longer models. Loading a 90cm speargun without a loading pad is fine, but it’s a whole different story on a 130cm speargun.

Changes I’d make to the Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun?

Getting a Mako speargun is wonderful because they come rigged, ready to go straight out of the box. If you’re new to spearfishing, I’d recommend sticking with the shooting line setup that comes stock, but once you’re comfortable in the water, a reel is a nice upgrade. Mako have their own reel, but I’m a big fan of the Rob Allen Composite Reel. It comes with everything you need to mount on your speargun and space to fit 55 meters (about 60 yards) of mono shooting line. Plenty to catch whatever fish you’re trying to land.n

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Breakdown of the Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun

General Specs:

  • Open-muzzle design for perfect line of sight and shooting accuracy
  • Pre-rigged with twin 16mm powerbands and hand-tied dyneema wishbones
  • Comes with a hardened steel 7mm mini shark-fin tab shaft and flopper
  • Stainless steel trigger mech, sear and line release are heavy duty and built to last
  • Ergonomic handle is strong, durable, and built for a comfortable grip
  • Heavy-duty aluminium barrel is reinforced to prevent warp and flex under load


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The handle & trigger mechanism

Built out of hardened polymer, the ergonomic handle on the Mako Predator Pro 3G speargun is tough. Still, it wasn’t quite as comfortable to hold as some of the other spearguns I’ve reviewed until I removed the loading butt. However, once it was out of the way, it has a good angle and feels great in my hands (even while wearing gloves).

Where this speargun excels is in the trigger mechanism. The stainless-steel components are reliable and don’t contain any moulded plastic like other spearguns in this price range. Because, unfortunately, that’s where things usually fail first. Either the trigger goes, or you start seeing problems with the line release or when you’re manipulating the safety switch. However, this speargun is designed to last and will give you many years of use with proper care.

The barrel & muzzle

Following the railgun design of the Mako Predator Pro 3G speargun, you’ll see an aluminium rail running along the top of the aluminium barrel. This makes for a stronger speargun. The additional rail helps keep everything straight while the speargun is loaded. It also gives a track for your shaft to follow as you fire, increasing your accuracy significantly.

The Mako Predator Pro 3G comes with an open-muzzle crafted from heavy-duty polymer plastic to work with their mini shark-fin spears. On either side, you’ve got a stainless steel guide for your shooting line and small cut-out gaps that make it extremely easy to swap out your powerbands (or remove them when you’re home). It’s a must-have feature for me, as you can quickly get your powerbands on and off.

The spear and tip

The 90cm speargun from Mako comes with a 7mm mini shark-fin shaft to ensure it stands up to whatever punishment you’re putting it through. Depending on what size of speargun you buy, you’ll get either a 6.5mm, 7mm, or 7.5mm shaft from Mako. The shark fin shafts have become increasingly popular these days as they’re stronger than those with notches cut into them.

Testing this in the water, the hardened steel shaft held up well and remained nice and straight after a brutal series of shots directly into the rock. The tri-cut tip is a staple you’ll see on many speargun shafts, with a Hawaiian-style single flopper to secure your catch.

The powerbands

The Mako Predator Pro 3G comes with twin 16mm bands and soft Dyneema wishbones off the rack. These are far safer than metal wishbones (which you should NOT be using) because Dyneema’s are safer, easier to use, and more dependable. These bands are hand-tied for each order, which is a big plus because the rubber does start degrading as soon as they’re tied. As you spend more time spearfishing, you will need to learn to tie these yourself (so you can set your powerbands to be the perfect length), but it is nice for beginners that this speargun comes ready to get straight in the water.

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Price of the Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun

What you’ll pay for a Mako Predator Pro 3G depends on the size of the speargun you intend to buy. You can see the price of the 90cm speargun I used in this review by clicking the link in the product box below.

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UPDATE 28th Feb 2022: Due to the release of Mako’s new speargun, the Titan Elite Speargun, the Predator Pro 3G model has been discontinued. You can now buy their new models directly through the Mako store. Click here for the official store

The Bottom Line: Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun

For a beginner, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better value-for-money speargun than the Mako Predator Pro 3G. You’re getting incredible quality for the price, and while it may not be a top-of-the-line model, it’s plenty good enough to catch a feed of fish.

If you’re looking for a good starter speargun, get the Mako Predator Pro 3G.

I’m still impressed at the power the 90cm offered while being super easy to swing around in the water. I caught an excellent feed of luderick in the shallows and landed a bigger snapper that happened to be cruising along the reef, which surprised me. I didn’t think I’d have enough range, but there was more than enough oomph to stone it cold.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here and get the Mako Predator Pro 3G Speargun today.


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Why a Mako Speargun?

Mako Spearguns do a lot of things right as an American spearfishing company.

Started by Dano Krahling, Mako Spearguns set out to make spearfishing affordable to everyone. Skipping distributors and dive shops (who have to mark up prices to stay in business), Dano operates a “direct” model to give you highly performing gear without the inflated price tags you’ll typically pay at a retail store.

But that doesn’t mean you lose out on quality. Mako spearguns are produced in many of the same factories as other, more expensive brands, using the same materials and processes. They do get a little heat for these potential “overlaps” in style and design, but honestly – what company doesn’t do this nowadays. The incredible savings that get passed on to the customer (without sacrificing performance) are your benefit.

And then comes the customer service. Dano takes pride in his quest to offer the best customer service in the world, which is plain as day if you ever need anything from the Mako team. They’ll help you, happily, with no questions asked. So if you want a speargun you can trust, with a team that stands behind their products, get the Mako Predator Pro 3G speargun now. It’s an incredible buy.

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The Different Mako Spearguns

Since I first wrote this review, Mako has released their latest and greatest speargun, aptly called the Titan Elite. Unfortunately, that means you’ll not likely find the Predator Pro for sale, as their new model is now the gold standard from the Mako Speargun brand.

Looking at the Titan Elite, I see they’ve fixed the loading butt position and have several vital upgrades like a built-in reel mount, a muzzle shark spike, and a new track design they’ve proven to shoot straighter and load faster than a traditional track.

You can choose a beautiful teak model, a modified open track or an enclosed track with either the open muzzle or roller muzzle design.

We’re keeping an eye on Amazon (and will update this review again once you can purchase these spearguns here). Still, if you want to get your hands on Mako’s latest underwater weapons, they’re currently only available direct for purchase on their official website.

I see a lot to love with what Dano and the team at Mako are doing. I have no doubt you’ll be thrilled with both the quality of the speargun you get for the price and their after-sales service. It’s something you need to experience to believe.

What else do I need to say? Click the link below and get yours now.

Happy spearin’


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