JBL Spearguns

If you’re looking for spearfishing gear that has stood the test of time, JBL is a brand that’s been making great spearguns for over 40 years now. Their target is primarily the beginners market, and JBL is one of the most common names you’ll hear when you’re researching cheap spearfishing gear.

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JBL Spearguns Reviewed

But that’s not the kicker. In the past some of the JBL spearguns were a little inferior, but recently I’ve been rather impressed with what this brand has been putting out. Especially the JBL Woody Elite Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun.

But what the brand does best is how simple their spearguns are. Which means less problems as there’s fewer possible things that can go wrong. And makes JBL spearguns perfect spearguns for beginners. Plus they’re cheap. Across their range they have three different “series” to classify the different types of JBL spearguns.

The Woody is JBL’s entry-level speargun, and as you can imagine it’s carved out of a piece of wood. African mahogany to be exact. Upgrading a little and you’ll find their Elite line, which features a better shaft and you can swap out the wood barrel for an aerospace alloy. And finally you’ve got the Magnums. With a cast aluminium handle and stainless steel trigger mechanisms, this is the line that helped JBL step up their game and really make a name for themselves with spearos the world over. It’s a beautiful speargun that can’t be beat on price.


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