Rob Allen Spearguns

You can’t go wrong with Rob Allen Spearguns. They tick all the boxes, and their spearguns are rugged yet versatile, and almost bomb proof. My own Rob Allen Speargun has survived countless spearfishing trips, and has helped me catch my fair share of big fish too.

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Rob Allen Spearguns Reviewed

If you’re new to spearfishing, Rob Allen Spearguns are almost a household name, and almost every spearo I know has a Rob Allen gun in their arsenal.

Because Rob Allen makes damn good spearguns. Which is the most important part. When you start spending a few hundred dollars on spearfishing gear, you want it to last for more than one season. You don’t want to be replacing parts (or the entire gun), and you definitely don’t want it to fail when you’re out in the water. So take a look at Rob Allen spearguns. They just work.

Rob Allen is one of my favorite brands when it comes to spearfishing. Started in his garage, he started tweaking the spearguns on the market to better target big pelagics, which quickly led Rob Allen to develop his own line of spearguns. Today of course the brand makes far more than just spearguns, but my favorite product of his remains the Rob Allen Tuna Railgun.


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