The Best Speargun for Beginners in 2023 [Tested & Reviewed]

The Best Speargun for Beginners

Walking into a spearfishing store to find the best speargun for beginners is hard. Especially when you’re new to spearfishing, there are so many options, so many different types, made with different materials – it’s all somewhat confusing. So in this spearfishing guide, I want to share my thoughts on the best speargun for a […]

Pole Spear Tips to Improve Your Spearfishing Game

pole spear tips for spearfishing from the shore

In this article you’ll learn the pole spear tips that’ll make you a far better underwater hunter. And while most people start spearfishing by hand, using what we call a hand spear, or a pole spear. They generally quickly upgrade to a speargun for the increased power and range. But there are many benefits to […]

Buying a Beginner’s Spearfishing Mask in 2023

beginners guide to buying a spearfishing mask

I used to have all sorts of trouble finding a beginner’s spearfishing mask. You’d be shocked at how many I went through when learning to spearfish. Because I really struggled to find a mask for beginners with the perfect fit. Perhaps I’m just fussy (or a little like Goldilocks). But I’d rather replace a wrong […]

Beginner’s guide to spearfishing equipment

beginners guide to spearfishing equipment

I started spearfishing with a pole spear, a mask and a pair of snorkeling fins. These days, I have a lot more spearfishing equipment, but I also catch a lot more fish. For a beginner, the amount of spearfishing gear you need to go spearing can seem overwhelming. Then there’s all the different brands, and […]