Riffe Euro Travel Speargun Review

riffe euro travel speargun review

When you’re travelling and want to bring your dive gear with you, the Riffe Euro Travel Series Speargun is your best choice.

Giving you a streamlined, low-profile barrel that separates into two pieces to fit into your luggage. You get a powerful modular speargun that’s still nice to handle in the water. With the range you need, to take down reef fish and anything bigger that comes along.

You can trust the precision and quality that goes into one of Riffe’s spearguns. They’re incredibly accurate, and I’m surprised at how well the two-piece modular barrel goes together. It’s a fantastic bit of spearfishing gear for travellers. Click here to get your hands on the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun.

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Riffe Euro Travel Speargun: Reviewed for 2023

Riffe do so many things right when it comes to spearguns.

Pumping out quality underwater weapons gives you and me a weapon with laser-like accuracy. You can rely on their spearguns in whatever conditions you face. You’ll never be disappointed on a dive trip if you have one of Riffe’s Travel spearguns with you.

Of course, this is a premium speargun. Yet some people have questioned the strength of the two-piece modular barrel, but I tested it firsthand, and it impressed me.

Going together quickly, it also locks in place, so you don’t need to worry about it coming apart mid-dive. It holds its own against many other spearguns this size, and yet, when packed away, you’d never even know it was in your luggage.

Like the rest of Riffe’s Euro series spearguns, the modular travel version is streamlined and handles like a dream in the water. The teak barrel is sectioned and secured with stainless steel rods and a locking plate, and once it’s together, you’d never notice.

Giving you a much better speargun to travel with, without having to worry about travel tubes or weird looks from your fellow travellers.

In reviewing the best spearguns on the market, I did rate the non-modular version from Riffe as the best premium speargun, but if you need something for travel, you can’t go wrong with this speargun.

It’s just so convenient. My wife never notices when I slip it into my luggage.

Click the product box below to get your hands on yours today.

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Why get the Euro Travel Speargun?

If you need a compact speargun that’ll still give you accuracy, plenty of range, and help you catch a nice feed of fish when you’re on the road (or flying abroad), Riffe’s Travel Series speargun is a no-brainer.

The three laminate teak stock of the barrel is strong and will hold up perfectly in the water, even with the more streamlined Euro design. I’m surprised how buoyant this speargun is, and even with the heavier breakdown shaft and bolted muzzle, it’s nice and level in the water.

Like the rest of the Euro spearguns that Riffe makes, you get perfect visibility on this speargun to aim, with an open-muzzle design that’s clean and low-profile.

breakdown of the riffe euro travel speargun
Original image courtesy of Riffe International: https://speargun.com/

Suitable for twin 16mm powerbands, the silencer and famous two-piece trigger mechanism Riffe use in their spearguns will help you hit your target fish, at a decent range.

It’s the speargun you need for travel, and no one’s going to know you’re packing it.

This is why you need to get the Riffe Euro Modular Travel Speargun:

  • Low profile 3 laminate teak barrel for strength and performance
  • Stainless-steel two-piece trigger with Riffe’s added silencer
  • Has a Hawaiian flopper 19/64” (7.5mm) break down shaft
  • Comes with two Riffe Gorilla Rubber 5/8” (16mm) powerbands
  • Heavy-duty glass filled Nylon handle with a soft cushion grip
  • Comfortable rear loading pad offers full vision looking down the shaft


What type of spearfishing is it good for?

You can get the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun in sizes from 90cm to 120cm.

Giving you more than enough length for spearfishing in shallow reefs and even pushing out to deeper water chasing larger fish. I’ve used mine primarily along the shore, and it’s got more than enough power to take down the reef fish I’ve come across.

If you’re new to the sport or seeking a versatile speargun that you can always take with you when you travel, the modular design on the Euro Travel series is ideal.

I went with the 90cm Riffe Euro Travel speargun for this review.

Because I knew that I would primarily be using this in shallow water, as I don’t usually have access to a boat when I travel. So, in my case, it’s for purely shore diving.

That does mean it’s not quite as big (or powerful) as the spearguns I usually like to dive with, as my go-to choice is around the 110cm mark for those extra few feet of range. But I was impressed at how well this modular speargun held up. It’s perfect for travel.

How it feels to use the Riffe Euro Travel Speargun…

Riffe is one of my favourite spearfishing brands because their spearguns will withstand almost anything. As a result, you get a precise and accurate weapon that is incredibly reliable.

I found the line of sight and my shooting accuracy to be spot on with this speargun, and an effective range of about 18 feet (5.5 meters) was a pleasant surprise.

I didn’t think it’d shoot that far, that well, on a shorter 90cm speargun.

Of course, you get Riffe’s lovely teak barrel which cuts nicely through the water thanks to the low-profile design, and it’s nice and buoyant. Now, loading the speargun is a breeze. Thanks to Riffe’s Mag Track, the shaft clicks into place, with a magnet that allows you to free shaft as well.

I had no problem handling this shorter speargun, it’s streamlined and cuts left and right quickly, so you have complete control to stay on target. Perfect for chasing those zippy reef fish in the shallow water and the wash.

riffe euro enclosed track speargun details
Original image courtesy of Riffe International: https://speargun.com/

To me, the handle feels comfortable in my hand, and I like the cushioned grip compared to the solid plastic handles that other brands use. In addition, it feels just a little easier to hang onto, which is what I want when I’m the choppier wash of the shallows.

The two-piece stainless-steel trigger mech is reliable, and it gives a nice, smooth press and silent release. To care for this gun, you need to give it a rinse off with fresh water after a dive, and it’ll hold up for years. That’s just how good Riffe spearguns are.

UPDATE 6th March 2022: I’ve taken and tested this speargun over 11 different trips, disassembling and reassembling it each time over the last two years. And it’s never missed a beat. It’s still shooting like a laser. And there’s been no issues reconnecting the modular parts – even with all this use and all this time.

It’s a great travel speargun.

My favourite part of the Riffe Euro Travel speargun

What makes this particular speargun so good, is the modular design.

The fact that you can split the barrel, separating it into two equal parts without sacrificing the speargun’s performance or overall barrel strength, is a fantastic innovation.

So you don’t have to deal with a massively long speargun. Instead, the entire setup breaks down into manageable pieces. For example, on the Euro Travel 90cm speargun, the longest part is 29″ (roughly 74cm), while the biggest 130cm Travel speargun breaks down to be under 37″ (94cm).

riffe euro modular travel speargun connecting parts
Original image courtesy of Riffe International: https://speargun.com/

The modular barrel makes the Riffe Euro Travel series speargun a much more manageable bit of spearfishing gear. Easy to carry with you whenever you’re making a dive trip or headed away, so you never miss out on getting a spear in when the conditions are perfect.

Any downsides?

The only issue with this speargun is a minor one, and it’s with the shaft.

Because it needs to be connected quite securely for it to stay together, you will need a few extra pieces of gear if you want to reassemble your speargun safely.

riffe euro modular travel speargun shaft
Original image courtesy of Riffe International: https://speargun.com/

Along with your purchase of the Riffe Euro Travel speargun, you get a small bottle of a semi-permanent thread locker that you will need to apply before connecting the two pieces of the shaft.

Think of this as a kind of soft glue to keep it in one piece under the stress of spearfishing.

To tighten the shaft, you’ll also need two small wrenches.

These come in handy to get the thing apart again because it does require a bit of force with the thread locker. I wasn’t able to do this by hand. So, remember to pack a couple of adjustable wrenches too.

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Changes I’d make to the Riffe Euro Travel Speargun?

Depending on the type of spearfishing you’re doing, you may not need to change anything on the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun. It’s ready to go once it arrives.

Though perhaps the only thing you may want to add is a reel. I did.

The versatility that you get with a reel is a big win, especially if I come across a larger fish that needs some room to play. And you never quite know what kind of target fish you’ll come across when you’re spearfishing in a new area, so it’s an excellent addition.

Riffe has inlaid a stainless-steel mounting plate to the base of the teak barrel, so all you need to do is bolt in one of their flat-mount Horizontal Reels, add your line, and you’re ready to go.

I’ve used quite a few different reels, but this one from Riffe is solid.

It’s got four different levels of drag, so you can let your catch run or dial this up for a significant drag. The stainless-steel bail is well designed and helps everything from getting tangled up when it matters in the water.

If there’s a chance you may need more than a couple of shaft lengths of line to get a fish to the surface, adding a reel to the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun is a good insurance policy.

One that means you’ll be ready to catch whatever fish comes your way.


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Breakdown of the Riffe Euro Travel Series Speargun

General Specs:

  • Euro-style modular barrel is a streamlined yet solid 3 laminate teak stock
  • Stainless-steel 2 Piece trigger mechanism and added Riffe silencer
  • Fitted with 19/64” (7.5mm) tabbed break down shaft and Hawaiian flopper
  • 2x 5/8” (16mm ) Riffe Gorilla Rubber power bands gives 18 foot range (5.5m)
  • Powerbands rigged with 1000 lb. Spectra wishbones for added safety
  • Tough handle with glass-filled nylon base, and an over moulded cushion grip


The handle & trigger mechanism

Their two-piece stainless steel trigger system is one of the best bits on a Riffe speargun. It’s proven to perform even under massive strain, so you enjoy a smooth trigger press.

Original image courtesy of Riffe International: https://speargun.com/

The rotating safety switch is on the side of the handle and pushes forward or turns back to activate (or deactivate) the speargun’s safety switch.

In your hands, the handle gives a comfortable grip. It’s solid, with the cushion grip allowing you to hold it tighter than some of the hard plastic handles on other spearguns. This improves your control and means there’s very little kickback when you fire.

You barely notice the recoil on the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun, thanks to the handle design and the heavy teak barrel absorbing much of the kickback.

The barrel & muzzle

It’s hard to beat the beautiful teak barrels you get on Riffe’s Euro spearguns.

The three vertical laminate teak is solid and durable, while the streamlined barrel design is light and manoeuvrable in the water – with a thinner stock than you’re likely expecting.

But it’s this low-profile Euro design that makes this speargun great.

Tracking quick and fast underwater, you’ll have an edge against most other spearguns without compromising on strength. There’s also a carved track along the top of the barrel for the shaft, lending additional accuracy to each shot as you fire.

The open muzzle design on Riffe’s Euro Travel Series speargun features the inlaid magnets of their Mag Track design. This slight magnetic touch better secures your shaft as you load, but it also allows you to free shaft with this speargun.

You don’t need a line wrap to hold the shaft in place.

There’s a slot at the front of the muzzle to slide your powerbands in and out. Making it easy to change these up or to remove and clean after a day on the water. This part of the open muzzle is reinforced and bolted so you can trust it’ll hold up for years to come.

The spear and tip

On the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun, you’ll get a 19/64″ (7.5mm) break down Hawaiian flopper break down shaft, with large tabs that make loading easier.

I find larger tabs are easier to hook my wishbones in, though maybe that’s just me rushing through my loads so I can get my next shot off faster.

You can also make your own special requests for the shaft if you order your speargun straight from Riffe.

They let you add a second flopper or a rest tab to help you load, which is a blessing on longer spearguns. Do consider this if you’re getting a bigger speargun.

The powerbands

Off the shelf, this Riffe speargun comes with two 5/8″ (16mm) black coated amber Gorilla Rubber powerbands that give more than enough power to my 90cm speargun. On the powerbands you’ll see 1000 lb. Spectra wishbones. These things are tough and precisely what you need on a tabbed shaft.

However, you do have space to change this setup. Three 9/16” (14mm) powerbands, two 5/8” (16mm) powerbands or (2) 3/4” (19mm) power bands will fit in this speargun. I’ve also shortened the two 16mm powerbands, and it’s been a beast of a travel speargun ever since.

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Though I have to say, I was slightly worried about putting too much pressure on the modular barrel and shaft (in theory). But in practice, this never became an issue.

There was zero-barrel flex, and the shaft held up perfectly over quite a bit of use (and abuse) since I first got my hands on it. Just, as always – make sure you test your speargun after changing something like this.

You don’t want to lose accuracy or suffer shaft whip to get a few feet more range.

UPDATE 6th March 2022: I’ve taken and tested this speargun over 11 different trips, disassembling and reassembling it each time over the last two years. And it’s never missed a beat. It’s still shooting like a laser. There have been no issues reconnecting the modular parts securely even with all this use and all this time.


Price of the Riffe Euro Travel Series Speargun

Getting the best that Riffe has to offer in a travel-friendly speargun means this particular model doesn’t come cheap. But quality spearfishing gear does last a long time, and I’ve been thrilled with this particular purchase (and it’s caught me plenty of fish).

I opted for a 90cm Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun, small and compact yet packs a powerful punch. Perfect for a speargun you can always bring with you on a trip.

Click the link below to order yours now.

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The Bottom Line: Riffe Euro Travel Series Speargun

There’s a lot to love about the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun. It’s designed well, works like a charm, and has helped me catch a bucket-load of fish over the last two years.

Probably the best part is the beautiful teak stock and carved track that cuts easily through the water while giving you a laser-like level of shooting accuracy.

I’ve been a fan of Riffe’s spearguns for a while now, and if you want to get a dive in on holidays, you’re not going to find a better speargun. Unless you’re bringing a normal speargun with you, the two-piece modular setup Riffe’s developed here means you won’t get any funny looks in any hotel lobbies. Because it fits so perfectly in your luggage.

For travellers, the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun is a godsend.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed shooting with the 90cm model I bought. It’s compact yet gives plenty of power (18 feet of range as standard). More than enough for the smaller reef fish in the areas I planned to use this speargun.

Though if you know you’ll be pushing out into deeper water, perhaps consider one of their bigger spearguns. Riffe makes modular spearguns up to 120cm in size, and then you’ll have all the power you need no matter where you plan to spearfish.

There’s little doubt in my mind, the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun is the best choice for travellers.

So, what else is there that I can say?

Click here to get the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun today.


Why a Riffe Speargun?

Riffe International is a family owned and operated spearfishing company, with a headquarters in beautiful San Clemente, California.

Building on the passion Jay Riffe had for spearfishing, the young entrepreneur started with only a hand spear at age ten, and yet by 15 was competing professionally in the sport.

At 22, Jay Riffe was crowned Pacific Coast Champion for spearfishing and competed nationally, participated in the World Spearfishing Team, and set three World Records. But that’s just the start.

Because Jay Riffe built all of the spearguns he used himself. Combining what he needed to compete with a knack for engineering, Riffe started developing spearguns that would later define the brand. Tough, silent to operate, and yet remained easy to handle.

The kind of spearguns he needed to compete at an international level.

Initially, he used his garage as the workshop, and many of these older spearguns he handcrafted himself are still around today. They’re prized collectors’ items, and I’m confident that many would still shoot as well as they always did if you got them in the water. Because Jay Riffe created his company around spearguns that would last.

As I see it, the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun is convenient. It allows you to bring a speargun with you without taking up the crazy amount of space that a normal speargun typically does in your pack. So, if you’re travelling or want to make more spearfishing trips, this particular speargun is an intelligent choice.

Just make sure you buy yours while there’s stock (this model sells out fast).

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The different Riffe spearguns

Riffe makes a wide range of spearguns, but there’s something that just works with their Euro series. The light barrels that don’t sacrifice strength is a winning combination for me, but they do have a few others you might want to consider as well.

The Riffe Marauder Series is the brand’s token speargun. Offering sizes from 47″ (119cm) to 63″ (160cm) and 3x 16mm powerbands as stock, they are an underwater bazooka. A perfect speargun if you want range and power for deeper water, bigger fish, or blue water spearfishing.

No products found.

The Riffe Mahogany Competition Series is more budget-friendly. Using a slightly cheaper barrel stock (mahogany instead of teak) makes this affordable while you still get all of Riffe’s other quality parts. Sizes for this speargun range from 27″ (69cm) to 54″ (137cm), allowing you to select the perfectly sized gun for the conditions where you’ll be spearfishing.

No products found.

The Riffe Euro Series is essentially a non-modular version of the speargun I reviewed today. It’s slightly lighter and shoots a thinner spear because these parts don’t need to be broken down and disassembled. They can afford to be a little more streamlined. This particular speargun is one of my all-time favourites. It’s just that good.

No products found.

The Riffe Euro Enclosed Track speargun is also similar; however it comes with a black or orange (removable) enclosed track – constructed from heavy-duty Polyethylene. The “U” shaped channel reduces drag on the shaft and gives a faster shot. I prefer a wooden channel over an added track, but that’s just me. Some of my friends swear by it.

No products found.

Ultimately, no matter what Riffe speargun you buy, what’s important is that it’s the right speargun for you. Or in other words, it’s suitable for the type of spearfishing you’re doing.

If you’re bashing around in the shallows and diving from the shore when you’re on the road, you’ll probably do well with a 90cm or 100cm Travel speargun. Or if you push out into deeper water, maybe getting a more extended Euro model makes more sense. Or if you’re out in blue water, perhaps the Riffe Marauder at like a 140cm or 160cm best suits.

It really is up to you.

But for anyone looking for a modular speargun they can take on a trip, the Riffe Euro Travel Series speargun is best in class. It’s powerful, sturdy, and shoots with a level of accuracy that’s hard to match (especially on a shorter speargun that comes apart).

Click the link below and get yours now.

Happy spearin’


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