The correct way to setup a spearfishing weight belt

Setting up your weight belt for spearfishing

One of the most important pieces of gear you need is a spearfishing weight belt. When I’m spearfishing, I almost always wear a wetsuit to stay warm, but this can make spearfishing a little tricky. Because your wetsuit will cause you to float. And if you’re sporting a proper spearfishing wetsuit, you’re going to struggle […]

Should I punch ear holes in my wetsuit hood?

should i punch holes in my spearfishing wetsuit hood

The only problem with a good wetsuit hood is the seal. Often, it’s so good, you’ll struggle to equalize when you’re spearfishing. Punching holes above your ears is the likely solution you’ll find everyone talking about online, and after doing it myself this last weekend I’d like to share my experience. Max Spearfishing is reader-supported. […]

Spearfishing from Shore: How You Can Get Started The Right Way

Spearfishing from Shore How You Can Get Started The Right Way

Without a boat, most of your first spearfishing adventures will be spearfishing from shore. It’s how I got started, swimming out through the breakers and spearfishing along all the rocks at either end of the beach. It was something I could do straight after school, and within a few minutes I’d be exploring an underwater […]

How to Prevent Sea Sickness When You’re Spearfishing

How to Prevent Sea Sickness while Spearfishing

To ensure you have a great day out on the water, it’s critical you know how to prevent sea sickness when you’re spearfishing. Motion sickness can ruin a perfectly good day on the boat. Not to mention the laughs your friends will have at your expense, over your inability to keep your lunch down. For […]

How to Hold Your Breath Underwater for Spearfishing

hold your breath underwater

If you want to become better at spearfishing, one of the most important things to work on is learning how to hold your breath underwater. Because the longer you can hold your breath, the longer you can stay underwater. And the more time you spend on the bottom, the higher your chances of finding the […]

Spearfishing Tips for Beginners Learning to Spearfish

Spearfishing tips for beginners learning to spearfish

If you’re learning how to spearfish, keep reading to discover the spearfishing tips for beginners I always recommend to newcomers to the sport. Spearfishing is massively growing in popularity, for two reasons. It’s one of the most sustainable forms of fishing, with no bycatch or waste. And it’s incredibly meditative. You get to explore a […]

Spearfishing Safety Tips to Avoid a Diving Disaster

Spearfishing Safety Tips to Avoid a Diving Disaster

In this article you’ll learn the spearfishing safety tips that might safe your life in a disaster. Now I’ve been spearfishing since I was 15 years old, a bronzed little Australian kid running around the beaches with a snorkel and a pole spear. In my time I’ve done some pretty silly things, and as I […]

Spearfishing Equipment List to Boost Your Fish-Catching Game

spearfishing equipment list to improve your spearfishing

Once you’ve been spearfishing for a little while, you’re going to be looking for ways to improve. To advance your fish-catching game. And one of the best ways to level-up is to turn to the advanced spearfishing equipment the pros rely on. Max Spearfishing is reader-supported. We may earn a small commission for purchases using […]

Speargun: Understand this Key Piece of Spearfishing Gear

speargun everything you need to know

The first time I held a speargun in my hands I felt invincible. It was a big step up from the pole spear I’d been using to go spearfishing, and it took my game to a whole new level. But I also made a few mistakes. Max Spearfishing is reader-supported. We may earn a small […]