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Buying a Beginner’s Spearfishing Mask in 2023

beginners guide to buying a spearfishing mask

I used to have all sorts of trouble finding a beginner’s spearfishing mask. You’d be shocked at how many I went through when learning to spearfish. Because I really struggled to find a mask for beginners with the perfect fit. Perhaps I’m just fussy (or a little like Goldilocks). But I’d rather replace a wrong […]

The Best Spearfishing Mask to Buy [Updated for 2023]

The Best Spearfishing Mask to Buy

Choosing the best spearfishing mask can be a difficult decision. Because your mask is one of the most critical pieces of spearfishing gear to get “right” before hitting the water. But choosing the right dive mask is confusing. So many types. So many brands. So many features. It’s hard to know what’s what. So in […]