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What’s the difference between the Hawaiian sling vs pole spear?

hawaiian sling vs pole spear

Not all pole spears are made the same, and there’s a key difference when comparing a Hawaiian sling setup to the traditional pole spear. In short, A pole spear is a spear and tip, with a rubber sling attached to the end. A Hawaiian sling is more like a slingshot, the shaft feeds into a […]

The Best Pole Spear for Spearfishing | Pole Spear Buyer’s Guide

the best pole spear for spearfishing

Like many of my friends, the first investment I made into my spearfishing hobby was a pole spear. It wasn’t the best pole spear in the market, in fact I bought it for $5 from a neighbor’s yard sale. The prongs were bent, and the rubber snapped on me after a few dives, but it […]