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First, I’d just like to say thank you. To all of my readers who have made it possible for me to double-down on my hobby and spend my time doing what I truly love.

If you’re new around here, my name is Max Kelley. I grew up by a small beach in Australia, and every chance I could get I was exploring the underwater wonderland just outside my parent’s house. My introduction to spearfishing came from a chance encounter after an unsuccessful day line fishing off the boat, when parked next to us were two guys cleaning two of the biggest jewfish I had ever seen.

It wasn’t too much later before I bought my first speargun, and I’ve spent as much time as possible underwater, refining my hunting techniques, and bringing a reliable source of food to my family for the better part of 30 years. I like to think I’ve got a good understanding of how to spearfish effectively, along with what makes a quality speargun, and that’s the whole reason I started this site.

Each review I’ve posted on is a direct result of my own experience using that particular product, as well as feedback from fellow spearo’s who have used the different products first-hand. In the past, we’ve also done accuracy and distance testing, but many of my recommendations here can from my gut (building on my experience).

But despite 30+ years in the water, I wanted to stop relying on my “gut” for these reviews.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been rolling out a new testing process for each of the reviews included on the site, to generate a number we’ve been calling the Speargun Performance Standards, or SPS for short.

Considering everything from the ease of use to the versatility of each speargun, how fast it tracks through the water, the durability and overall quality of the speargun, and of course, the three most critical performance metrics, range, force and accuracy. Of course, using the off-the-shelf models with stock setups to compare apples to apples.

Run the tests in a controlled environment (we’ve got a pool hook-up), and we get a score.

Our Speargun Performance Standards go up to a maximum of 100, giving us a quick and easy way to rank all of the different spearguns available, and help you make the best possible buying decision. Because it can be difficult to find the right speargun, but once you do, it gets a whole lot easier.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret, the best spearguns in the store aren’t the most expensive ones.

Happy spearin’

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