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The Salvimar Metal Speargun is a smart choice for an intermediate speargun. It’s light, and allows you to quickly pan side to side when you’re spearfishing, so you’ll be able to line up your shots faster (and land more fish). If you’re just starting out it’s suitable for beginners too, and is one of the best value-for-money choices in this price range. Click here to get your hands on the Salvimar Metal Speargun.

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Salvimar Metal Speargun: Reviewed for 2023

When I first got my hands on the Salvimar Metal Speargun, I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s an upgrade to one of their older models, with the most noticeable change being the whole metal trigger mechanism. True to the Italian heritage of the brand, the speargun is streamlined and sleek, which makes it a joy to manoeuvre and shoot underwater.

In our buyers guide to the best spearguns on the market, the Salvimar Metal Speargun came in a close second – well worth it if you’re looking for a euro-style speargun.

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Why Get the Salvimar Metal Speargun?

You’ll win out with the Salvimar Metal Speargun if you’re looking for a light, precise and powerful speargun. One that won’t leave your arm aching at the end of a dive because it feels almost like an extension of yourself. Everything is ergonomically designed – from the loading butt to the grip – it just feels perfect.

With only twin 14mm powerbands, I didn’t think it’d shoot as far (with as much power) as it does, and yet I was happy to see just how much range you get.

Plus, coming standard with a reel is a nice touch. You will have to buy the mono line yourself, but that’s a small thing considering you get the reel. If you’re still learning, make sure you get used to your speargun before adding the complexity of a reel. It can be tricky to get the hang of in your first few dives.

This is why I’m a fan of the Salvimar Metal Speargun.

  • Integrated shaft guide to deliver incredible accuracy
  • Heavy metal trigger mech holds up to 350kg pressure
  • Sear includes a roller to make firing impossibly smooth
  • Loading butt can be easily removed per your preference
  • Comes standard with a mini/max Salvimar gun reel
  • Ergonomic / light design reduces fatigue on long dives
  • Stock 2x 14mm powerbands are easy to reload and use


What type of spearfishing is it good for?

Considering the lighter design of this speargun with a barrel length from only 75cm to 105cm, the Salvimar Metal Speargun is ideal for shallow water spearfishing or reefs where you’re targeting small to medium-sized fish. However, in my opinion, it’s just a tad light for anything too big. Because a light gun and shaft isn’t something you want when wrestling a 20kg kingfish.

If you’re planning to spearfish around the shore, investigating caves, rocks and reefs, I’d say a 95cm length of the Salvimar Metal Speargun will be just about perfect. You’ll get enough power to accurately land your dinner without being overkill for the type of spearfishing you’re doing. Though if there’s a chance you’ll be chasing bigger fish (in deeper water), opt for the larger 105cm model. There’s space for a third 14mm band (or 2x 16mm), so you can easily dial up the punch in your shots without needing to upgrade your entire speargun.

How it feels to use the Salvimar Metal Speargun…

The Salvimar Metal Speargun is light in the water and quickly pans left and right. You’ll immediately notice the reduced weight compared to other spearguns (like the Rob Allen Tuna Railgun at the same length), and the ergonomic profile is terrific. In addition, the streamlined design allows the barrel to cut through the water fast, so you can accurately chase and target even zippy reef fish.

If you’re a fan of customizing your spearguns, one nifty aspect of this particular model is the ability to micro-adjust the trigger sensitivity. Winding it up (or down) depending on your preference with a simple twist of a screw so that the trigger press is just how you like it. So if you’re looking for a speargun to learn the ropes with that you’ll still enjoy shooting as your skills develop, the Salvimar Metal Speargun is an intelligent choice.

All in all, it’s light and comfortable in the water, and great value at this price.

My favourite part of the Salvimar Metal Speargun

Probably the best thing about this speargun is the tapered barrel and ease it glides through the water. Along the top of the barrel is the integrated rail. You’ll notice short breaks along the rail to aid water flow and reduce drag on the speargun. It also cuts down on friction as you fire the spear. Fewer contact points between the shaft and the rail mean it does fire faster, and while I was initially worried this would impact the accuracy, it never proved an issue in all of our tests. It seems Salvimar got this just right. It’s what you’d expect from a high-quality euro speargun.

Any downsides?

Depending on where you purchase your Salvimar Metal Speargun (i.e. unless it’s from a reseller or a retail store), it’s likely you’re going to have to do minor “assembly” work to rig this up once you get it home. This is because Salvimar doesn’t ship their spearguns 100% ready for the water – it’s coming straight from the factory to you. That means you’ll need to tie your powerbands in as well as connect your shooting lines. Tying the bands isn’t all that tricky unless you’ve never rigged up a speargun before, so I want to bring it up, so you’re not surprised when it does turn up at your door, and you have to connect a couple of things.

Though really – tying in your powerbands or your shooting line are things you really should learn to do if you’re interested in the sport – and worthwhile figuring out how to do yourself. It’ll come in handy later when you need to swap out a spoiled powerband or change your line.

Changes I’d make to the Salvimar Metal Speargun?

Honestly, there’s a lot to like with this particular speargun. However, one change I would recommend considering is an upgrade to the stock powerbands. I’ve been spearfishing a long time, and while the 14 mm are easier to load, I prefer to have thicker 16mm powerbands on my guns. It boosts your range as well as the amount of punch you get in each shot. And you never know, that little bit of extra power could be the deciding factor between you landing a prize fish (or not).

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Breakdown of the Salvimar Metal Speargun

General Specs:

  • Low profile muzzle (fast and easy to aim)
  • Integrated rail with front cut outs reduces drag moving side to side
  • Barrel is anodized aircraft grade aluminium for maximum durability
  • Open muzzle for rapid reloading and better aim
  • Loading butt can be easily removed per your preference
  • Full metal trigger mech and handle rated up to 350kg (771lbs)
  • 2x 14mm easy load powerbands with tied-in dyneema bridles
  • 6.5mm Salvimar Capture shaft (with 3x welded shark fin notches)
  • Included free is a Salvimar Mini or Max reel


The handle & trigger mechanism

The black and olive handle matches the speargun’s colours and features a pistol-grip design with a removable loading butt. Perfect for saving your chest from all those loading bruises. The Salvimar Metal Speargun is comfortable to grip in your hands, even with a full arm extension. You get a nice, clear line of sight right down to the very tip of your shaft. The safety switch rests just under your thumb, and once you’ve used this a couple of times, you’ll be able to quickly “feel” if it’s on (or off) without tearing your eyes away from your target fish.

The speargun’s name comes from the upgraded metal handle and trigger, and there’s no question they’ve made great strides with the Salvimar Metal Speargun. With a handle that’s wildly ahead of many competing brands in the market. Salvimar uses metal injection moulding for exact design, with a tiny roller in the sear to provide a smoother trigger press and release. Reducing friction, noise and the wear you often get in other spearguns. Being able to position the safety on either the left or the right side is a win. There’s a screw to wind down (or up) and adjust the sensitivity of your trigger until the trigger press is just how you like it.

The barrel & muzzle

For a barrel that’ll go the distance, Salvimar has chosen to use anodized aircraft-grade aluminium with an integrated rail to lend strength and accuracy to your shots. What’s nifty with the Salvimar Metal Speargun is that the rail doesn’t run the entire speargun length. Instead, the gaps in the rail aid water flow, and the result is a more aerodynamic (hydrodynamic?) speargun in the water, so it’s easier to swing around and line up your shots.

The spear and tip

Stock with your speargun is a burnished stainless steel Tahitian shaft heat-treated to 17-4ph. You’ll hear Salvimar referring to this as their Capture Shaft, with a single barb at the tip and three shark fin tabs for your bands that have been laser welded on. At 6.5mm, the thinner diameter helps it shoot fast and accurate in the water. Following a similar technique to the high-quality stainless steel mechanics in the trigger, Salvimars metal injection moulding process for the fins on their shaft is almost flawless.

The powerbands

Delivered to your door, you’ll find twin 14mm powerbands on the Salvimar Metal Speargun, along with Dyneema wishbones. You’ll need to tie these in yourself, which I prefer – because you can also shorten the powerbands until you get your perfect loading length. I like that there’s space to add a third 14mm powerband, or you could always upgrade to twin 16mm powerbands if you’re looking for a little more power in your shots. After a few test drives, I did this on mine, and the thicker bands make it shoot like a rocket. You can feel the difference in the range and the “punch” you get in your shots.

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Price of the Salvimar Metal Speargun

The cost of the Salvimar Metal Speargun will differ depending on the particular specs of the speargun you buy, along with the size. For example, you can check the price of the 105cm model (that’s the speargun we reviewed when putting this review together) at the link below.

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The Bottom Line: Salvimar Metal Speargun

For anyone looking for a fast and agile speargun, you’re going to struggle to find a better option than the Salvimar Metal. Quick and light in the water, it’s perfect for hunting fish in shallow reefs, and the ability to add a third 14mm band (or two 16mm bands) means you can dial up the power once you start pushing into deeper water. It’s a solid speargun.

The Salvimar Metal Speargun delivers precision and speed to your spearfishing hunt.

For me, the 105cm model reviewed for this guide gave an excellent balance. Short enough to poke and prod around the rocky outcroppings I like to scout around the headland, yet packs enough power that it can effectively take down any bigger fish I come across. I pulled in a 95cm Jewfish (mulloway) using this speargun on my third dive with it, and it held up like a champ against one of these big beasty fish.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here and get a Salvimar Metal Speargun.

You’ll be surprised just how good this speargun is.


Why a Salvimar Speargun?

Salvimar is one of the most innovative European spearfishing brands.

Salvimar started as a third-party supplier to other companies back in 1962. During this time, the Italian company perfected their techniques and processes before launching its brand of spearfishing gear in 2010. Today, you’ll find Salvimar spearguns in 50+ countries, as the spearfishing community loves their focus on innovation and state-of-the-art production. Moreover, they make damn good spearguns.

When I think about Salvimar, I see an ideal balance between quality engineering, innovative designs, and a price tag that won’t break the bank. They produce spearguns that are deadly accurate and will hold up in conditions around the world. This means you can trust them to last, season after season in the water.

Specializing in both spearfishing and freediving gear, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better all-around speargun than the Salvimar Metal Speargun. It’s a great buy.

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The Salvimar Metal Speargun

Now, Salvimar does offer a variety of spearguns, but if you’re choosing between them, make sure your speargun has its signature metal handle and trigger mechanism, as it’s only available on a handful of their different models.

I like the subtle colours and feel of the Salvimar Metal. In addition, the aircraft-grade aluminium barrel is plenty durable for the kind of spearfishing I was doing (you only need carbon if weight is an issue, or you’re looking for strength in a much longer speargun). Comparatively, their Hero model is also an excellent piece of spearfishing equipment, but in my opinion, you’re getting a lot of the same tech (and at a much better price point) if you were to choose the metal.

Of course, some people like to have the best of the best. So if you want to drop a few hundred bucks more on a speargun that’s in another league altogether, you can get your hands on it by clicking right here or at the product box below.

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But, and I’m being straight up with you now. For most people, and the type of spearfishing that you’re likely to be doing, the Salvimar Metal Speargun at about a 105cm length will be just about spot on. You’ll get a speargun that loads easy with its twin 14mm bands, and you have some excellent upgrade options like the reel or inserting 16mm bands as you push out into deeper water chasing bigger and bigger fish. This speargun is an intelligent buy.

What else do I need to say?

Click the link below and get yours now.

Happy spearin’


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