Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred Speargun Review

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The Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred speargun is a thing of beauty. Bringing together an impressive mahogany stock barrel with the brand’s latest innovations in the handle and trigger mech. It shoots clean, and for a beginner looking to get their hands on an entry-level wood speargun, this is one of the better options you’ll find for the price. Click here to get your hands on Hammerhead Spearguns E2 Hi-Bred speargun.

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Hammerhead E2 Hi-Bred Speargun: Reviewed for 2023

You know, Hammerhead Spearguns do a lot of good when it comes to their spearguns, and the E2 Hi-Bred is a decent model for someone wanting to buy their first wooden gun.

The hand-crafted mahogany barrel is a nice touch, with a deep semi-enclosed track that’ll have your shots staying straight and true. Despite the wooden barrel, the Evolution 2 Hi-Bred feels light underwater and manoeuvres quickly when you’re scouting the bottom.

In our buyers guide to the best spearguns on the market, while Hammerhead Spearguns Evolution 2 Hi-Bred didn’t take home first place in reviews, it’s not a bad gun – in fact, it’s one of the better wooden spearguns you’ll get at this price. So click the product box below to get your hands on yours today.

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Why Get the Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred Speargun?

If you’re looking for a classy wooden speargun that won’t break the bank, there’s a lot to love with Hammerhead Speargun’s E2 Hi-Bred. You’ll enjoy the timeless look of the handcrafted mahogany barrel without sacrificing performance. The streamlined euro design is a winner, and the open-muzzle is quick and easy to aim.

Independent testing of the Hammerhead Evolution 2 spearguns (by Florida’s Spearfishing Magazine and Hawaii’s Skindiver Magazine) rated it the most accurate, and I don’t doubt their process. Still, in my opinion, this is more like a middle-of-the-range speargun.

With space for two 16mm powerbands, the integrated rail helps boost your accuracy with every shot, while the mahogany stock helps absorb the recoil as you shoot. The handle and trigger mech are where this speargun excels, with a comfortable pistol-grip, so the speargun feels like a true extension of your arm.

This is why you should consider Hammerheads Evolution 2 Hi-Bred Speargun:

  • Beautiful mahogany barrel is handcrafted in America
  • Independent experts have verified the speargun’s accuracy
  • Reverse trigger system for max band stretch and trigger control
  • Pistol-grip white handle is bright, clear and visible underwater
  • Comes with a 17-4 heat-treated stainless-steel shark-fin shaft
  • Stock 2x 16mm dual power Helix Bands for increased range


What type of spearfishing is it good for?

Considering you can get the Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred speargun in sizes from 75cm to 105cm, this particular model is going to be great for beginners who are looking to spearfish around rocky outcroppings and reefs, chasing small to medium fish. It’s a big step up from my first speargun, and in my opinion, anyone who is learning the ropes with this speargun will be pretty happy.

I opted to run the 105cm speargun through the works for this review, and I was suitably impressed (because I’ve not always heard the best things about this brand). The E2 Hi-Bred speargun is spot on when it comes to accuracy, and it sits nicely in the water – there’s no issue when it comes to buoyancy. I like how readily it floats to the surface once you’ve released the shaft. The open muzzle design helps you get those skittish reef fish in your sights.

How it feels to use the Hammerhead E2 Hi-Bred Speargun…

Once I got the Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred speargun in the water, it was game on. Out of six shots, I landed five fish. And I only missed the last as I wanted to see just how far away I could be. In retrospect, I was a tad optimistic for the snapper that was probably 20 to 25 feet down from me with this speargun.

It’s a classy, nicely-designed speargun that most beginners will enjoy using. If it’s your first wooden speargun, you may think it’s a tad heavy out of the water, but once you dive in and the natural buoyancy kicks in, you’re going to realize why so many spearo’s swear by wooden spearguns. All-in-all, it’s a decent buy, shoots accurate and is one of the best wooden designs you’ll find at these prices. Well worth it if that’s what you’re looking for in a speargun.

My favourite part of the Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred Speargun

What I like best about this speargun is how the mahogany barrel sits in the water. It’s not tip-heavy like some other models, which means you won’t tire your arm out on long spearfishing sessions as you’re struggling with a long gun. Plus, there’s just something special about the sleek wooden barrels that sets them apart from metal spearguns. Maybe it’s just me, but when it comes to style, I’ll go for a wood gun any day of the week.

Any downsides?

One issue I did find with the Hammerhead E2 Hi-Bred speargun was what happens when you overload it. Despite the strength of the wooden barrel, when I swapped out the stock bands for shorter 20mm ones, I started noticing a little whip coming into the shaft. It was pulling my accuracy down; despite being a “trick” that I do with almost all my wooden guns, this one seemed to perform worse (comparatively) the most I loaded it up. This means that while it’s plenty powerful for the smaller game in the shallows, you’re going to want a different speargun in deeper water for the bigger fish.

Changes I’d make to the Hammerhead E2 Hi-Bred Speargun?

Once you get your hands on this speargun, it’s pretty much ready to go as soon as it arrives. There’s no fiddling around with the buoyancy or changes you need to make with the powerbands, and it’s nice and accurate straight off the shelf. The only thing you might want to consider is a reel. Under the barrel, there’s a mount already fitted, and I’m a big fan of Rob Allen’s Composite Reel which comes with an easy winding handle, another mounting kit, and enough space to wind in 55 meters (about 60 yards) of line. That should be more than enough for the fish you’re targeting.

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Breakdown of the Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred Speargun

General Specs:

  • Streamlined open-muzzle design for superior accuracy and fast reloads
  • Pre-rigged with Power X-change bands Dyneema wishbones and bridles
  • American style 17-4 (6.75mm) heat-treated stainless-steel shark fin shaft
  • Stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism holds shafts securely in place
  • Ambidextrous thumb safety can be operated easily from either side
  • Contoured ergonomic grip allows a strong fist while shooting to prevent recoil
  • Adjustable trigger pull that can be configured to suit your hand size


The handle & trigger mechanism

The ergonomic handle is one of the best features of the Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred speargun. The pistol grip makes it easy to hang on to when you’re firing – giving you maximum control with every shot while minimizing any recoil. Underneath, you’ll find a mount for the reel, and Hammerhead also has a specially designed camera mount to fit your Go Pro on.

The stainless-steel reverse trigger mechanism is reliable and works well. A sear holds the shaft securely in the handle until you deactivate the safety and press the trigger. Alongside is a spring-loaded line release that resets after your speargun fires to reduce the amount of time you need for every reload.

The barrel & muzzle

I seriously love the mahogany barrel on Hammerheads E2 Hi-Bred speargun. Along the top is a slightly recessed track for the spear to follow, which gives it accuracy, and underneath, you’ll see a big stamp of the Hammerhead logo. A few people have said they don’t particularly like this branding, but it reminds me of the carvings in old wooden ships, and (for me, at least) I quite like it.

Like many Euro-style spearguns, the Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred speargun uses an open-muzzle to work with their shark-finned shaft. There are two holes bored into the mahogany stock to fit your bands, and while it comes off the shelf with their Helix band system (allowing bands to be easily changed), I’d much prefer a cut-out so I can swap in other bands quickly without the need to retie them.

The spear and tip

One thing that’s particularly nice with Hammerhead Spearguns is that all their shafts are American made. Their stainless-steel shafts have been heat-treated, using what they call a welded hydro tab, but it’s just their version of the shark fin tabs we all know and love with our spearguns. So you’re getting a precision-machined 17-4 Heat-Treat Stainless Steel Shaft, with a heavy-duty Hawaiian flopper on the tip.

The powerbands

The team at Hammerhead Spearguns designed a system for powerbands, what they call X-Power bands (or sometimes referred to as Double Helix). Essentially, it’s a pre-tied powerband that allows you to quickly and easily replace worn out wishbone bridles with a simple knot instead of having to retie the entire band. I like to tie my powerbands, which allows me to get just the right amount of stretch, but their system is straightforward for beginners (and gets you in the water that much faster).

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Price of the Hammerhead E2 Hi-Bred Speargun

The Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred speargun price tag will differ depending on the specs of the speargun you buy, along with the size. You can check the price of the 105cm model (that’s the speargun we reviewed when putting this review together) at the link below.

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The Bottom Line: Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred Speargun

If you’re looking for an affordable wooden speargun, you’ll find the E2 Hi-Bred by Hammerhead Spearguns is a decent choice. Smooth in the water thanks to the streamlined euro-design, the mahogany barrel is beautiful, and just like they say – it is pretty damn accurate. I landed quite a few fish on my first day out on the water with this speargun, and I’m sure you’ll have a similar experience to me.

The Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred speargun is a good buy.

For me, the 105cm model I reviewed for this guide I enjoyed using, which (as mentioned earlier) was a surprise — as some of the people in my circles don’t have a lot of time for the Hammerhead brand. I think that’s a slight injustice. Yes, it might not be a top-of-the-line model, but at these kinds of prices, it’s one of the better wooden spearguns you’ll find.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here and get the Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred Speargun today.


Why a Hammerhead Speargun?

Hammerhead Spearguns are a spearfishing company based in Aiea, Hawaii.

Started by friends and commercial fishermen Kevin Sakuda and Chris Strong, the duo wanted to innovate on the open muzzle designs to suit their needs for a quiet speargun. One that’d allow them to take multiple fish from a single school. They wanted a better performing muzzle that was cheaper to manufacture than others in the market.

Their first speargun, the Evolution, was launched in 2006 to suit the demands and challenges of commercial spearfishing in Hawaii. In the years since they’ve continued to refine and develop their products. With a strong emphasis on advancing the sport of freedive spearfishing, encouraging participation at a grassroots level, and ensuring a sustainable approach. So there will be adequate marine resources for generations to come.

The Evolution 2 Hi-Bred is the culmination of their passion and creativity for the sport. A wooden speargun that combines the recoil-absorption of mahogany with an advanced handle and trigger mechanism. It’s one of Hammerhead’s best spearguns, in my humble opinion.

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The Hammerhead Evolution 2 Hi-Bred Speargun

Now, you’ll find a variety of different spearguns from the team at Hammerhead, but the E2 Hi-Bred model gives you the best of both worlds. Their innovative open-muzzle design, combined with the reverse-trigger mechanism and the timeless beauty of the mahogany barrel stock. Of course, Hammerhead is a lot more famous for their Raptor and Proteus models, but as I see it – if you’re going to choose something from this brand, the Hi-Bred is the speargun you should be buying.

Much of the same technology is in Hammerhead’s E2 Raptor, and they even have a roller option if this is your preference. But you need to remember; you’re paying just as much for an aluminium barrel, so why not go classy and get the mahogany?

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Realistically, it would be best if you bought the right speargun for the conditions you’ll be diving. If you’re starting (which is likely if you’re considering this speargun), the 105cm model will be just about perfect for your shallower dives and chasing smaller fish around the reef while you get the hang of the sport. The E2 Hi-Bred is accurate, with plenty of power, and a decent buy for anyone looking to get their hands on their first wooden speargun.

What else do I need to say? Click the link below and get yours now.

Happy spearin’


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