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The Rabitech Stealth Pro is a great speargun. One I know you’ll love as soon as you get your hands on it. It’s a South African designed railgun (one rivalling the likes of Rob Allen’s Tuna Railgun,) i.e. it’s a tough, well-designed speargun that’ll easily handle whatever monster of the deep you’re trying to shoot. Perfect for beginners who are looking for a gun packing a little extra oomph, or intermediate spearo’s wanting a speargun they can rely on. Click here to get your hands on Rabitech Spearguns Stealth Pro.

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Rabitech Spearguns Stealth Pro: Reviewed for 2023

After taking Rabitech’s Stealth Pro speargun on a few dives, it feels like I can’t miss.

Boasting a slightly deeper rail than you’ll find on Rob Allen’s railguns, the heavy-duty lined track helps this speargun live up to its name. It’s deadly quiet in the water, light with a euro-styled muzzle for minimal drag, and easily tracks underwater while you’re spearfishing.

In our buyers guide to the best spearguns on the market, I found the Rabitech Stealth Pro speargun holds up exceptionally well for the price/value you get.

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Why Get the Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun?

The Stealth Pro from Rabitech is excellent value for money if you want a high-powered yet affordable railgun. It’s a little lighter than others in this price range, but it’s plenty tough. And most important is the perfect line of sight that lets you aim true. Giving you deadly accuracy, so once you get the hang of it, you’ll be landing fish after fish like it’s nobody’s business.

Coming stock with twin 16mm powerbands, Rabitech’s Stealth Pro fires like a rocket, and the tri-cut carbon steel shafts can take a beating (if you happen to be spearfishing in rocky terrain), so you won’t need to worry about bending your shaft.

But what I like best is the Rabitech handle. It’s a little larger than other brands, so you’ve got more grip, and the safety switch is perfectly designed. It’s a button triggered system that activates with a single push. You’ll see it’s marked “S” on the right for safe and “F” on the left for fire. And if you’re like me (and forget to deactivate your safety before targeting a fish), you can flick this off with a quick thumb press instead of having to take your hand off the handle. It hardly takes any force, and you’ll be ready to take your shot.

This is why I’m a fan of Rabitech’s Stealth Pro Speargun.

  • Integrated V-track rail allows you to fit up to 8mm shafts
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel trigger and easy to use safety
  • Innovative muzzle band risers to boost your accuracy
  • Comes with a highly durable 7mm carbon steel shaft
  • Stock 2x 16mm powerbands for power and distance
  • Loading butt pin-design is quick to remove or modify
  • Large, bright handle allows a strong grip and is easy to see


What type of spearfishing is it good for?

Considering you can find the Rabitech Stealth speargun range in sizes from 60cm to 140cm, the type of spearfishing you’ll be using it for really depends on the length of the gun. 60cm would be a perfect little cave shooter, while 140cm will have you in the blue water leagues chasing big tuna, wahoo and other pelagics.

However, these larger models aren’t always conveniently available. To get your hands on these, you’re going to need to coordinate directly with the Rabitech team in South Africa. So I’ve chosen to use their 100cm model for this review (it arrived a heck of a lot faster via Amazon than figuring out international shipping and all the customs headaches myself).

At this size, you’ve got almost a perfect balance between manoeuvrability in shallow water, while the twin 16mm powerbands give it plenty of power. You’ll destroy pretty much any fish you’ll come across in shallower waters, and if you want to kick it up a notch, the muzzle will also fit an 18mm powerband. Their design of the silent rail makes the Rabitech Stealth Pro perfect for skittish reef fish.

UPDATE: Since this review first went live, you can now get Rabitech’s Stealth X range direct via Amazon by clicking right here or following the link to the product box below for the 130cm speargun.

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How it feels to use the Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun…

Once you get this speargun in the water, there’s a lot to love about the Rabitech Stealth Pro. Although it’s probably best compared to Rob Allen’s Tuna Railgun in design and performance, this speargun is light in your hands without all the bells and whistles on other models (i.e. all the nonsense they’ll upsell you that tends to break far too fast).

It’s a practical, no fuss type of speargun that’ll help you catch a ton of fish. If you’ve not shot with a railgun before, you may find your shots hitting a little high (or low), which can be adjusted by shortening (or adding longer) bands to the speargun. All up, the Rabitech Stealth Pro speargun is a great value-for-money buy that you’ll enjoy spearfishing with. Easy to grip, easy to shoot, and accurate as all hell. Seriously, you’ll love it.

My favourite part of the Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun

What I like best about this speargun is the simple safety system. Rabitech used a bulky button design to trigger with just one finger. That means if you’re mid-dive, locked onto a fish and realise at the last minute your safety is on, all you have to do is deactivate your safety with your thumb. There’s no need to take your hand off the grip or fiddle around with anything like you’ll find on some other spearguns. It’s a massive win for me, as I always forget (and leave my safety on).

Any downsides?

One issue I found with the Rabitech Stealth Pro was in the buoyancy. Despite being a lighter speargun, this one felt a little heavy in the tip. This meant that I had to fight it a little to keep the speargun level, and on a long dive, this was tiring my arm out. Luckily it’s an easy fix and one I’ve done on a few of my spearguns. You remove the muzzle at the end and cut a piece of cork to fit. You don’t need much wedged in there, and it helps tremendously in keeping the tip of your speargun level.

Changes I’d make to the Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun?

Straight off the shelf, you’re not going to need to change much at all on this speargun. The only thing that I wanted to play around with was the buoyancy, and once I had this working for me, it was game over for the fish whenever I got in the water. So the only thing you may want to consider is adding a reel. I’m a big fan of Rob Allen’s Composite Reel which comes with an easy winding handle, a mounting kit, and enough space to wind in 55 meters (about 60 yards) of line. More than enough for you to properly play any larger fish you want to target.


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Breakdown of the Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun

General Specs:

  • Perfect accuracy with innovative (patent pending) muzzle band risers
  • Anodized marine grade barrel with a silent HDPE plastic V-track
  • Slick glide V-track is quiet, accurate, and fits up to an 8mm shaft
  • 7mm tri-cut carbon spring-steel shaft, plated for corrosion resistance
  • 2x 16mm speargun powerbands along with a stainless-steel trigger
  • Pin-secured loading butt that can be easily removed or attached
  • Grip and muzzles constructed from ultra-strong glass-filled nylon


The handle & trigger mechanism

Known as the Stealth Pro Grip, the rubber-coated handle is slightly larger than you’ll get on other spearguns, which means it fits nicely in your hand even when you’re wearing dive gloves. I like that it’s a lovely bright green because it matches the stock powerbands and makes it extremely visible underwater if you need to drop your gun if you come across a lobster hole you plan to raid. The core of the handle is glass-filled nylon which is incredibly strong, and the barrel slots in to eliminate any flex.

The trigger mechanism is solid die-cast marine-grade stainless steel, giving you a reliable and robust speargun that’ll continue to hold its load for years to come. The line release triggers alongside the sear, ensuring a quick release of your shooting line every time you shoot. I’ve covered the easy-use button safety system earlier, so I won’t dive into it again – but it’s one of the simplest I’ve seen – especially if you forget to deactivate it before your shot. Because, with a press of your thumb, you can be ready to fire. You do not need to take your hand off the handle to manipulate the safety switch.

The barrel & muzzle

Keeping pace with many spearguns in the market, Rabitech has opted for a 28mm anodised marine-grade aluminium barrel to keep the Stealth Pro a light yet reliable speargun. Along the top runs the integrated rail. On the Stealth Pro, heavy-duty HDPE plastic covers the rail. So instead of a metal shaft scraping along a metal track, you’re getting near-silent shots just like you’d expect from a gun branded as stealth. I also found that the rail stops the rattle you get on some spearguns between the shaft and the barrel, so it’s not as noisy.

The other neat addition is Rabitech’s patent-pending band risers on the standard euro muzzle. This helps align your powerbands to the shaft, getting everything as parallel as possible. So as the tension is released as you fire, all of the force is gets directed forwards. Reducing the kick of your speargun and increasing your accuracy.

The spear and tip

Coming stock with the Rabitech Stealth Pro speargun is a 7mm tri-cut carbon spring steel shaft. It’s hard, won’t bend easily, and makes it a great shaft if you’re using this speargun around the reef where there’s a chance you’ll hit a rocky backdrop. I like the electro-plated for the extra corrosion resistance, with two notches cut in for your Dyneema or wishbone bridle. The rail happily takes up to an 8mm shaft, so if you’re looking for an upgrade later to a more heavy-duty setup, you’ll be able to upgrade the Stealth Pro without concern.

The powerbands

On the Rabitech Stealth Pro, you’ll get twin 16mm powerbands, which are a lovely bright green (matching the handle). Depending on your preference, you can always upgrade this to a single 18mm band for faster loading without compromising your power. Either side, you’ve got an inlay for your line, so you can rig it up on either side while the bungee keeps everything nice and tight. Right off the shelf it’s ready for the water, which is a nice touch, especially if you’re itching to try out your new speargun.

Price of the Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun

The Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun cost will differ depending on the specs of the speargun you buy, along with the size. You can check the price of the 100cm model (that’s the speargun we reviewed when putting this review together) at the link below.

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The Bottom Line: Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun

For anyone looking for a quiet and accurate speargun, you’ll find plenty to love with the Rabitech Stealth Pro. Light yet powerful, it’s excellent value for money and will have you landing plenty of Instagram-worthy catches. I know I’ve caught my share with this speargun. It’s just so quiet you never have to worry about spooking your target fish.

The Rabitech Stealth Pro speargun is an excellent piece of equipment for spearfishing.

For me, the 100cm model I reviewed for this guide was relatively easy to use underwater. Light and streamlined, it loaded fast, and the one-press safety button was a nice touch whenever I forgot to deactivate it because you don’t need to take your hand off the handle to engage. This means you can fire fast, a big plus when you’re targeting shallower reef fish.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here and get the Rabitech Stealth Pro Speargun. You’re going to love how accurate you are with this speargun.


Why a Rabitech Speargun?

Rabitech are one of South Africa’s top spearfishing brands.

Designing and manufacturing spearfishing equipment comes naturally to owner Louis Hattingh. Building on a decade’s experience as a military officer, Hattingh refined his skills working on specialised ammunition systems while never losing his love for the water. Chasing a constant search for innovation, their equipment is getting better and better over time, and today you’ll find Rabitech gear in spearfishing shops the world over.

You’re going to struggle to find spearguns that are better value for money than the Rabitech range. They’re tough, designed with the kind of ingenuity you’d expect from a founder who’s constantly in the water himself chasing massive Kingfish and other ocean monsters off the South African coast. Rabitech spearguns are great.

To me, things like the silent track are priceless if it can help you land that one in a million shot and bring home your catch instead of telling your friends, “you were this close.” The Stealth Pro speargun by Rabitech is a good buy and one I have a feeling you’ll enjoy shooting with as soon as you get it in the water.

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The Rabitech Stealth Pro

Rabitech makes a variety of different spearguns, and the Stealth Pro is the latest addition to their lineup. Their Apex models were previously the top tier (boasting a stainless steel trigger mechanism and a slightly different handle to the original stealths). Still, seeing the updates they’ve made, I believe the Stealth Pro is now the better model.

Of course, you do have a roller option, as well as upgrades like a carbon-fibre barrel, but I think you’re going to be just fine with their heavy-duty aluminium barrels. It’s tough, and the silent rail is a win. There’s no point in spending all that extra cash unless you’re buying a 130cm or longer speargun. Rabitech does offer a longer aluminium railgun; if you want length. TheirStealth X speargun has much of the same tech yet features a 29mm barrel that’s thicker and heavier and able to tackle whatever fish you intend to hunt.

You can buy the larger speargun clicking right here or following the link to the product box below.

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Ultimately it comes down to the type of spearfishing you’re doing. Shallower water for beginners or intermediate spearo’s, and you’re going to love the Rabitech Stealth Pro at around 100cm. It’s plenty powerful and accurate as all hell. But there are longer options that come with a lot of the same features if you want a little more range to target bigger fish in deeper water. That call’s up to you. Both of these spearguns are great value for money.

What else do I need to say? Click the link below and get yours now.

Happy spearin’


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