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The bang-for-your buck that you get with the Cressi SL Star is incredible, and also why we’ve chosen this model as the best pneumatic speargun.

Light and easy to use, you’ll be able to get a shot off fast as soon as a target fish comes into view. You can trust in the precision and reliability you get with this Italian-made speargun. Click here to buy the Cressi SL Star now. 

Key Specs 

  • Sizes: 40cm (16 in.), 55cm (24 in.), 70cm (28 in.)
  • Tempered Steel Shaft (8mm Diameter / 7mm Male Thread)
  • Fits a Screw-on Tip Threaded 7mm
  • Power Reducer available on 55cm and 70cm models
  • Safety Switch to Prevent Accidental Firing
  • Ergonomic Anatomical Grip
  • Pressure: Max 20 Bar

Download the instructions by clicking here.

Speargun Performance Standards

Effective Rating 94/100

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Who is this speargun for?

When it comes to pneumatic spearguns, the Cressi SL Star always tops the list. Perfect for jetty and shore diving, as well as lakes and estuaries where targets are within around 10-12 feet.  

Relatively cheap and straightforward to use, it’s a great option if you’re looking to switch from a banded speargun to a gas one, while giving you enough power and precision to reliably take down any small to mid-sized fish you encounter while you’re spearfishing. I love the versatility of the power reducer, allowing you to easily switch from full power to a reduced setting if you’re spearfishing in close to the rocks or any other obstacles which may damage your shaft. 

How it feels to use

After shooting almost every pneumatic speargun on the market, there’s no doubt in my mind the Cressi SL Star is a solid choice. There’s enough “heft” to the gun that it doesn’t feel too flimsy, yet it’s light enough to quickly track your target fish and shoot fast when you’re spearfishing. 

Like most pneumatic spearguns it’s so incredibly fast to reload, perfect for shallow water spearfishing where you’re chasing schools of fish and want to get a couple of shots off in quick succession. Once you’ve loaded the speargun it will sink, but after a shot and the shaft is deployed it’ll float comfortably on the surface. There is a certain knack to reloading a pneumatic speargun, and you can easily also drop the pressure on the tank to make it easier for you. 

What I like best about…

You can’t beat the professional feel that you get with the Cressi SL Star pneumatic speargun, it’s lightweight but you can feel the quality in this Italian designed and made underwater weapon. Capable of packing a powerful punch at both short and long range, I’ve been able to land shots with precision accuracy on fish that are 10-12 feet away.  

It’s also incredibly compact, more powerful than a band speargun of the same size, which means if you’re travelling you can bring it with you in your checked bags without even raising an eyebrow. It’s priced competitively against some of the other alternatives, and if you’ve never had a pneumatic speargun before – let me tell you this. You’re going to love just how quickly you can reload for your second and third shots. It’s such a breeze to load and shoot, I highly recommend getting yourself a Cressi SL Star pneumatic speargun. 

What I didn’t like about…

Of course, there are a few quirks with this speargun that bear mention, and there are two I want to make note of if you’re considering buying the Cressi SL Star. Not deal breakers by any means, but worth it to know before you spend your money on this particular speargun. 

The first is the safety switch. It’s made out of hard yellow plastic, but for some reason it doesn’t always “catch” when you flick it, so it sometimes needs a bit of a wiggle to turn on and off.

Second is how the line attaches to your shaft. It comes with a plastic ring that it ties into, and this can pull through and break. You’ll want to replace this with a metal slide ring instead, and while you’re doing it swap out the cheap shooting line with some good mono.   

Breaking down the Speargun 

Created to be an ultra-light, and easy-to-use pneumatic speargun, here’s everything you need to know about the Cressi SL Star before buying today. 

Handle and Loading Pad

The first thing you’ll notice on this speargun is the fluorescent yellow handle. Bright to stand out on the seabed if you ever happen to drop the speargun and start frantically searching for it. Set into the bottom of the handle is an attachment point for a float line or any other clips you need. 

The ergonomically designed handle is anatomically correct and fits comfortably in your hand.The slight angle allows you to extend your arm straight for more range in your shot while remaining in complete control of the speargun. No matter how big (or small) your hands are, it’s easy to hold this speargun tight while at a full arm extension. 

There is no loading pad, though it comes with a shaft loader that you will need as you insert the shaft into the barrel and push it into place until it “clicks” and the speargun is loaded. 

Trigger Mechanism

The Cressi SL Star has a basic trigger mechanism, with a bright yellow plastic safety switch that prevents the trigger from being pulled when the gun is loaded. You’ll need to disengage the safety before this speargun can pull the trigger to fire. Firing also frees the line hook under the trigger, so the shooting line can peel out freely without hurting the power of a shot. 

Power Reducer

The SL 55 (55cm) and SL 70 (70cm) models of the Cressi Sl Star are fitted with a power reducer that lets you shoot at either full power for increased range, or to switch to a reduced power mode if you’re shooting in close quarters or around rocks that may damage your shaft. 

The power reducer also allows this speargun to be progressively loaded, as it has a non-return valve which is a nice feature especially if you’re a little shorter or struggle with the loading technique on pneumatic spearguns. 

Spear and Tip

This speargun comes with a heavy-duty, 8mm steel shaft. Stainless steel shafts are available separately for the 55cm and 70cm spearguns, and I would highly recommend buying stainless steel shafts for their durability. The tip has a 7mm male thread to fit a screw-on spear tip, Cressi has a wide range of these, though other brands will fit if you have another that you prefer. 

You will want to replace the cheap string that attaches your speargun to the shaft with proper mono-filament, and I always add a bungee to keep this tight. Oh, and swap out the cheap plastic slide ring for a metal one, or risk losing your shaft altogether when it does break. 

Stock and Barrel

Delivered pre-pressurized from the factory, you do get a manual pump to re-pressurize this yourself, but it shouldn’t need it. This speargun is designed to retain the same pressure for the entire life of the gun, but it’s simple to increase if you ever need to. Just unscrew the cap on the back of the speargun, and you’ll see a threaded receiver inside. Screw the pump in, and give it a good 30-40 pumps, depending on how much pressure you want to add. 

How to Load the Cressi SL Star Speargun

If you’ve never loaded a pneumatic speargun it can feel a little stiff as you get used to the technique that’s needed to load one of these particular spearguns. 

Slipping the shaft loader over the tip of the spear, grab this in your right hand and the middle of the barrel in your left. I like to rest the butt of the speargun on my left thigh for more support, and then slide the shaft into the barrel in one swift motion. It’ll get harder as it gets to the end of the shaft, and you’ll know once you’re done because the shaft will “click” into place. 

Of course, I should warn you here, for anyone tempted to load and shoot a pneumatic speargun out of the water. Not only is it incredibly dangerous, without the resistance of the water you risk doing a significant amount of damage to the internal mechanisms of your speargun as there is nothing to absorb the recoil – resulting in permanent damage to your speargun. 

Background on the Cressi Brand

Cressi and spearfishing go hand in hand, as brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi started making their own masks and early spearguns back in 1938. Designed for the waters around the Meditteranean Coast, Cressi has made a number of innovations in the sport of diving while sponsoring many athletes to win 12 world spearfishing titles. Needless to say, they’re a premium supplier of spearfishing gear, with all of their production still in Genoa, Italy. 

The final word on the Cressi SL Star

If you’re looking for a reliable and deadly accurate pneumatic speargun, you can’t go wrong with the Cressi SL Star. The price is reasonable, and despite a couple of small upgrades that need to be tweaked, the speargun is basically ready to shoot straight out of the box. 

Personally, I love this gun. It’s compact, relatively easy to load, and I’m able to get more shots at the same group of fish using this than a banded speargun, perfect if you’re in the shallows and targeting small to mid sized fish. If you’re a beginner, an intermediate or anyone else looking for a pneumatic speargun that reloads quickly, is comfortable to use, and is deadly accurate. You need to buy yourself a Cressi SL Star pneumatic speargun. 

Other Pneumatic Spearguns to Consider

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