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The Riffe Marauder speargun is a sleek and powerful weapon, available in sizes that’ll suit both in-shore spearfishing as well as deep, bluewater hunting.

The streamlined barrel design keeps it manoeuvrable in the water, yet it’s still an absolute beast of a weapon that’ll stand up to whatever fish you’re facing.

If you want a powerful bluewater speargun that shoots like a laser, this is a damn good choice.
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Riffe Marauder Speargun: Reviewed for 2022

You should already know Riffe make incredible spearguns. Tough wooden barrels allow for near-silent spearfishing while you enjoy an outstanding level of power and accuracy.

Once you start pushing out into deeper water armed with Riffe’s Marauder speargun, you’ll have everything you need to land whatever fish you come across. I genuinely mean it.

Of course, these longer spearguns give more power and range, which is what you need when you’re targeting bigger fish. I’m talking bluefin tuna, sailfish, and the other big pelagics where you’d typically not stand a chance. You can take these fish down with a Riffe Marauder speargun without a second’s thought (unlike a smaller speargun).

The longer 63″ (160cm) model might be a tad big for anyone spearfishing from the shore. However, this is the speargun you want when jumping from your boat into the open ocean.

The shorter 47″ (119cm) makes for an almost perfect reef gun if you’re searching for a top-of-the-line weapon with an incredible (nearly 20ft) range.

When I did my round up reviews on the best bluewater spearguns, Riffe’s Marauder was a close contender for the top spot.

And it was actually my wife’s favourite out of the spearguns we tested. It’s just so easy to use.

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Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
1 Reviews
Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
  • 3 x 9/16" (14mm) tie-in bands
  • Double flopper 7.5mm Euro shaft w/ 3 tabs
  • 5 laminate Purple Heart and Mahogany wood stock w/ Mag-Track
  • New push button safety and SS reel inserts
  • S model comes w/ 3x 5/8" Tie-in bands and 8mm Euro threaded shaft w/ mini slip tip

Why get the Riffe Marauder Speargun?

If you’re looking for a top-quality speargun that doesn’t handle like an absolute tank in your hands, the Riffe Marauder has got to be the one.

The cuttlefish barrel helps it cut through the water, while the triple 16mm powerbands on the 63S give you an incredible amount of power to take down whatever fish you happen to come across. This thing is precise, powerful, and I know it will make you very happy.

Riffe Marauder Speargun Barrel and PowerbandsOriginal image courtesy of Riffe International:

On all other versions (i.e. those other than the 63S), you’ll get three 14mm powerbands.

I like how the shaft is held in place as you reload with the Mag Track magnetic open-muzzle. And you get a clear line of sight straight down the gun’s barrel.

In the water, the Riffe Marauder speargun is quiet, with a quick safety mechanism, reliable trigger mech, and packed with top-of-the-line components that’ll ensure you have the best possible chance of catching that monster fish.

This is why you need to get the Riffe Marauder Speargun:

  • Cuttlefish barrel design from tough 5 laminate Mahogany
  • Closed band slot design lends strength for extra band stretch
  • Rifle-styled push-button safety for quick action on a target fish
  • Riffe’s top-of-the-line stainless steel 2-piece trigger mechanism
  • Accepts shafts from 9/32” (7.1mm) to 5/16” (8mm) in diameter
  • 63S fitted with 3x 5/8” (16mm) Riffe Gorilla Rubber powerbands

What type of spearfishing is it good for?

With the barrel length of the Riffe Marauder Speargun ranging from 47″ (119cm) to 63″ (160cm), you can choose the right sized speargun for the conditions you need.

On the reef, targeting snapper and other good-sized fish that are often a little too skittish for a smaller speargun, the 47″ will give you the perfect combination of power and speed to land more of your shots.

Yes, it is expensive, but Riffe builds their spearguns to last. Think of it as an investment in the sport, one that’ll last for many, many years to come. Even for a beginner, you would be hard-pressed to find a higher-quality speargun to learn with.

For this review, I tested out the Marauder 63″ speargun. That’s a whopping 160cm barrel and precisely what you need if you’re spearfishing in open water.

There’s no doubt this is a big speargun. But when you’ve only got one chance to take down that prize-winning pelagic, you need a speargun that’ll stand up to the task. And the Riffe Marauder does just that.

How it feels to use the Riffe Marauder Speargun…

Compared to other spearguns of this size, the Riffe Marauder speargun still feels (comparatively) light as you use it.

The cuttlefish barrel is a nice touch. One that helps you quickly track left and right in the water while lending additional strength to the barrel. So you can get a little extra stretch in your bands without worrying it’ll flex the mahogany stock (and kill your accuracy).

Being able to activate (or deactivate) the safety with a single press of your finger is phenomenal. However, when hunting these bigger fish, you need to react in a split second. And taking your eyes off-target to manipulate a lever or a switch isn’t ideal.

You want a simple, push-button design, and Riffe does this right.

Riffe Marauder Speargun Safety ButtonOriginal image courtesy of Riffe International:

Thanks to Riffe’s heavy-duty 2-piece trigger mechanism, you get a nice smooth press, which helps you take down your target fish. It is a big speargun, but it’s got a great feeling once you get it wet. You’ll see just how easy it handles once you get it for yourself.

In my opinion, you’ll struggle to find a nimbler bluewater speargun. The Riffe Marauder speargun is an incredible piece of spearfishing gear that you’ll thoroughly enjoy using.

My favourite part of the Riffe Marauder speargun

What I love is how well this euro-styled bluewater speargun tracks in the water, considering just how long the 63″ (160cm) mahogany barrel is. It’s a really big speargun.

But it also feels like Riffe has found the perfect balance in this gun, using a barrel that’s slightly thinner than others designed for this kind of spearfishing.

So you won’t struggle to use it, yet the barrel doesn’t flex or warp even under the strain of three big 16mm powerbands. An advantage that means you’re not suffering dragging a bigger, heavier speargun around (and killing your dive times).

Any downsides?

For me, perhaps the only downside is the price.

The Riffe Marauder is an expensive speargun. However, I’d recommend you look at this purchase more as a lifelong investment in the sport rather than an impulse buy.

But it’s well worth it. Because Riffe designs spearguns to be true workhorses, and with the proper care, their spearguns will last for years and years and years.

In fact, I have an older Riffe speargun from the late 80s that my dad used to use. It’s still in the garage, and despite being pretty damn retro, it still works like a charm.

So if you can afford it, my advice is to get it. Riffe may not use all the latest, fanciest upgrades available in their gear (like the reverse trigger mech some brands like to use), but you can trust their spearguns to keep working for many years to come.

Changes I’d make to the Riffe Marauder Speargun?

You’ll receive this speargun with everything you need to get in the water, though if the manufacturer hasn’t tied in the bands themselves, this is an easy fix.

I would recommend adding a reel to the Riffe Marauder Speargun. On the underside of the barrel there’s a mounting plate to fit a Riffe Horizontal Reel with a flat-mount.

Adding a reel is a no-brainer if you’re spearfishing with a gun this size.

A reel gives you the ability to play and larger fish you shoot, with the option to free spool or dial up the pressure to a substantial drag. For your top-of-the-line speargun, adding the kind of reel that’ll help you land bigger fish makes sense.

Riffe N.F. Horizontal Reel (No Line, Flat Mount (Wood Gun))
10 Reviews
Riffe N.F. Horizontal Reel (No Line, Flat Mount (Wood Gun))
  • Mounts to Riffe Euro Series spearguns
  • Light weight (9 oz.)
  • 4 Positions from Free Spool to Strong Drag
  • Stainless Steel bail to prevent line tangle
  • RIFFE models using threaded inserts

Breakdown of the Riffe Marauder Speargun

General Specs:

  • Cuttlefish styled 5 laminate mahogany barrel for max strength and maneuverability
  • Riffe’s stainless-steel, two-piece trigger mechanism fits shafts 7.1mm to 8mm
  • 63S rigged with 5/16” (8mm) threaded shaft and Mini Slip Tip Needle point
  • Comes with three 5/8” (16mm) Riffe Gorilla Rubber power bands on your 63S
  • All new “Rifle style” push button safety and Riffe’s signature Mag Track open muzzle
  • Handle crafted from heavy-duty glass filled nylon, with over moulded cushion grip

The handle & trigger mechanism

For the trigger to withstand the insane amount of pressure placed on the big, bluewater spearguns, Riffe’s two-piece stainless-steel setup works great.

You hardly notice the strain on the mech thanks to a smooth trigger press, allowing the Riffe Marauder speargun to fire smooth, fast, accurate, and on target.

The rifle-style safety button is a nice upgrade to their other spearguns, as it can turn on and off with a single press of your finger. This means you don’t need to take your eyes off a target fish to manipulate a switch like other spearguns.

Which, if you’re like me and often forget to deactivate your speargun’s safety before trying to shoot, means you can quickly recover and still perhaps even get a shot off.

Riffe Marauder Speargun Handle
Original image courtesy of Riffe International:

The handle is easy to grip, with a contoured loading butt that’s wide and comfortable to use. With the moulded cushion grip over a heavy-duty glass-filled nylon handle, Riffe enables you to remain in control of this speargun, even at a full arm extension.

The barrel & muzzle

The Riffe Marauder speargun is a top-of-the-line piece of gear.

The barrel is five laminate mahogany, and the cuttlefish shape lends it both strength without being too cumbersome or bulky. In addition, because it’s a euro-styled bluewater speargun, it’s streamlined in the water and easy to use.

Along the top of the barrel is the inlaid track for your shaft. This guiding rail helps with your shooting accuracy, and I’ve got to say – the Riffe Marauder Speargun shoots with an almost laser precision. It’s hard to miss, while the wood track makes it quiet as you fire.

Riffe Marauder Speargun Open Muzzle
Original image courtesy of Riffe International:

The open muzzle design features Riffe’s signature Mag-Track, which adds an inlaid magnetic strip to the track. To help load your shaft.

The magnet means your shaft will “click” and lock into place, even before you’ve wrapped your line. It’s a nice touch, especially if you’re spearfishing in rougher waters, as it makes it much easier to load.

The spear and tip

The Riffe Marauder 63S Speargun I used for this review comes with a 5/16″ (8mm) shaft that’s 62″ (157cm) long. The threaded 6mm tip allows these to swap out as you need, though it comes stock with a needle point Mini Slip Tip.

The Euro-style shaft has three large tabs for your Spectra wishbones, and you can also request that Riffe adds a rest tab to the shaft if you order direct from them, to make this a little easier to load.

All of the other spearguns in this series from Riffe come standard with a Euro-style tabbed shaft that’s 19/64″ (7.5mm), with a Hawaiian Double Flopper.

In my opinion, both shafts will serve you well.

The lighter 7.5mm is likely a little quicker in the water, but I do like the slip tip and heavier shaft on the 63S. Purely because I bought this speargun to tackle some massive fish, this setup reduces my chance of bending the shaft considerably.

The powerbands

Depending on which size Riffe Marauder speargun you buy, the thickness of the bands will differ. Most come with three 9/16″ (14mm) of Riffe’s black Gorilla Rubber power bands.

It’s only the 63S with the three 5/8″ (16mm) powerbands.

Personally, I prefer the added power you get with a larger 16mm powerband, which is one reason I chose the 63S. But if you’re worried about loading such a long speargun, the triple 14mm powerbands still pack an incredible punch and are much easier to load.

The spectra wishbones are rated to 1000 pounds and tuck in nicely against the tabs in the shaft. However, I did find these tabs to be slightly smaller than I would have liked. Though smaller, they make for more accuracy with your shaft.

Riffe 5/8' Gorilla Rubber Power Bands - Black - 18”
8 Reviews
Riffe 5/8" Gorilla Rubber Power Bands - Black - 18”
  • 5/8 Outer Diameter
  • Black coated over amber tubing
  • Gorilla Rubber
  • Highest modulus power material available
  • Consistent performance and resilience from natural latex with inhibitors

Price of the Riffe Marauder Speargun

Being a premium speargun, the Riffe Marauder is quite expensive, and the price goes up as the barrel size increases. Wanting a pure bluewater speargun, the 63S proved almost perfect, and I highly recommend it if you’re targeting bigger and bigger fish.

Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
1 Reviews
Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
  • 3 x 9/16" (14mm) tie-in bands
  • Double flopper 7.5mm Euro shaft w/ 3 tabs
  • 5 laminate Purple Heart and Mahogany wood stock w/ Mag-Track
  • New push button safety and SS reel inserts
  • S model comes w/ 3x 5/8" Tie-in bands and 8mm Euro threaded shaft w/ mini slip tip

The Bottom Line: Riffe Marauder Speargun

If you want to take your spearfishing game to the next level – whether that’s with an excellent weapon for the reefs or a proper bluewater gun – the Riffe Marauder speargun is an intelligent buy that’ll last you for years.

The cuttlefish shaped barrel on this euro-styled speargun helps it cut through the water, and once you start shooting with it, you’ll love the incredible precision in your shots.

I’ve been a big fan of Riffe spearguns for years (despite the fact they don’t pay me for reviews or even send free gear my way – hint hint), but that’s neither here nor there.

If you want a speargun you can trust to land you fish after fish, the Riffe Marauder is gold.

So don’t delay, and get your hands on Riffe’s Marauder Speargun now.

After using it myself, the 63S (160cm) size speargun I based this review on was impressive.

It’s big and reliable yet isn’t as heavy in your hands like other spearguns of this size. It shoots like a laser, and the three 16mm powerbands give it a remarkable amount of range. We’re talking a viable shooting distance of 25 feet or so (a little under 8m).

So, what else can I say?

Click here to get the Riffe Marauder speargun today.

Why a Riffe Speargun?

Riffe International is a one of America’s leading spearfishing brands, and to this day remains family owned and operated.

Building on a passion for spearfishing discovered by a young Jay Riffe (the founder of the company) started chasing fish around his local beaches with a hand spear at age 10.

Working on his skills, Jay started competing professionally at age 15 and had become the Pacific Coast Champion by 22. He competed in the nationals, the World Spearfishing Team, and successfully set three World Records in the sport.

Now, unable to find the perfect spearguns for his rapidly advancing needs, Jay started building these himself. Focusing on large, wooden spearguns that would shoot quiet. Yet would hold up to the extreme conditions he faced in competition spearfishing.

Operating for many years out of his garage, many of these older spearguns Jay made himself are still in good condition. Because he built them with quality parts and built them to last.

The Riffe Marauder speargun is their most premium choice. An underwater weapon that’ll help you take your spearfishing to the next level, no matter if you’re just getting started or have been catching fish for years. You won’t regret getting this speargun.

Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
1 Reviews
Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
  • 3 x 9/16" (14mm) tie-in bands
  • Double flopper 7.5mm Euro shaft w/ 3 tabs
  • 5 laminate Purple Heart and Mahogany wood stock w/ Mag-Track
  • New push button safety and SS reel inserts
  • S model comes w/ 3x 5/8" Tie-in bands and 8mm Euro threaded shaft w/ mini slip tip

The different Riffe spearguns

Of course, not all spearguns are suitable for all conditions, and you’ll find many different spearguns from the Riffe brand. It’s hard to find a better model than the Marauder, but there are some considerations you should make before you buy.

Riffe’s Mahogany Competition Series of spearguns are a more cost-effective option. Using a single piece of wood instead of the tiered laminate brings the price down, while many of the other parts remain the same. In addition, you can get this speargun in sizes from 27″ (69cm) to 54″ (137cm).

Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Speargun (#2 (45in), Brown)
5 Reviews
Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Speargun (#2 (45in), Brown)
  • Designed to replace Riffe's Padauk Competitor series
  • Solid Mahogany wood stock
  • Only available in Hawaiian setup
  • Hawaiian setup: 9/32 Hawaiian Flopper Shaft, 1 wrap of line, and 2 power bands
  • 9/16 (14mm) amber power bands (may upgrade to 5/8 (16mm) bands for more hitting power and longer shots recommended with heavier shafts)

Riffe’s Euro Series Speargun is a sleek and streamlined weapon that offers a low-profile design that’s an almost perfect combination of strength, beauty and accuracy. In addition, it comes in sizes a little smaller than the Marauder, which makes it ideal for spearfishing on the reef.

Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
18 Reviews
Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
  • 58" Euro Series
  • Larger track, accepting up to 5/16? (8mm) diameter spearshafts, both European and Riffe square notch
  • Includes a 5 inch (12.7cm) rear extension for hip loading and aid when swinging gun
  • Hawaiian Flopper

Riffe’s Enclosed Track Euro Series is slightly different from their pure Euro speargun. The difference is the polyethylene enclosed track that’s added. The idea is that this helps to stop the shaft flexing under a heavy load and prevent any shaft whip from hurting your accuracy.

Riffe Enclosed Track Euro Series Speargun - Euro 110X
1 Reviews
Riffe Enclosed Track Euro Series Speargun - Euro 110X
  • 5 inch (12.5cm) rear stock extension for easeofhip loading andincreasesswinging speed
  • New low profile, removable enclosed track
  • Track includes a recessed U channel at base to help reduce hydraulic drag
  • Low-Profile, 3 vertical laminate teak stock
  • All models come standard with 9/32(7.1mm) Hawaiian flopper Euroshaft

Finally, you’ve got the Euro Travel Series speargun from Riffe. This thing is terrific, especially if you want to take a quality speargun with you as you travel. The barrel splits into two equal parts, so your speargun can easily break down (and fit in your luggage!).

Riffe Euro Modular Speargun (130)
  • Low-Profile, 3 vertical laminate teak stock
  • 30” (76.2cm) Back Section with handle
  • Front Sections available in 16” (40.6cm), 20” (50.8cm), 24” (61cm), 28” (71.1cm), 32” (81.3cm)
  • 2 hardened non corrosive stainless steel 8mm rods secure sections
  • Comes standard with 19/64” (7.5mm) break down Hawaiian flopper Euro Travel Shaft

Despite all the choices, the best thing you can do is buy the correct type of speargun to suit the kind of spearfishing that you’ll be doing.

If you’re new to the sport and still diving around the reef, perhaps the 47″ (119cm) Marauder is the best choice because it’s a bit more manoeuvrable and yet you still get an incredible range hitting almost 20 feet (that’s a 6m shooting distance).

But if you’re after big fish, like the bluefin tuna and schools of kingfish I hunt offshore, that’s when the 63″ speargun makes a lot more sense. You get more range, it’s more durable, and it’ll hold up when you do happen to shoot one of these monsters of the deep.

In short, you’re going to be very happy if you decide to buy the Riffe Marauder speargun.

Click the link below and get yours now.

Happy spearin’

Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
1 Reviews
Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
  • 3 x 9/16" (14mm) tie-in bands
  • Double flopper 7.5mm Euro shaft w/ 3 tabs
  • 5 laminate Purple Heart and Mahogany wood stock w/ Mag-Track
  • New push button safety and SS reel inserts
  • S model comes w/ 3x 5/8" Tie-in bands and 8mm Euro threaded shaft w/ mini slip tip

Riffe Marauder Speargun Review

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