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Once you’ve been spearfishing with a Riffe Euro Series speargun, you’re going to struggle going back to any other model. Packing a powerful, low-profile design, it’s almost a perfect combination of strength and beauty that’ll serve you well for many years. Accurate almost to a fault, if you buy this speargun you will be very happy every time you take this in the water. It’s an incredible speargun. Click here to get your hands on the Riffe Euro Series speargun.

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Riffe Euro Series Speargun: Reviewed for 2022

Riffe spearguns are top of the line. Designed to be tough, silent, and with an almost unholy level of precision, with one of their euro series spearguns in hand, you’ll be unstoppable underwater, and your target fish won’t stand a chance.

Now, most people will think that these are for advanced spearfishing only, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Riffe Euro Series is a streamlined speargun that easily cuts through the water, with a beautiful teak barrel and rail that keeps every shot on target. In the hands of a beginner, you will see a difference in the fish you catch.

In our buyers guide to the best spearguns on the market, we ranked this particular speargun as best top-of-the-line speargun. It’s that good.

Click the product box below to get your hands on yours today.

Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
18 Reviews
Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
  • 58" Euro Series
  • Larger track, accepting up to 5/16? (8mm) diameter spearshafts, both European and Riffe square notch
  • Includes a 5 inch (12.7cm) rear extension for hip loading and aid when swinging gun
  • Hawaiian Flopper

Why get the Riffe Euro Series Speargun?

If you’re looking for a wooden speargun that you can genuinely rely on, there’s no better choice than the Riffe Euro Series Speargun. The laminated teak barrel looks impressive while offering the perfect buoyancy as you dive. Plus, the streamlined Euro design makes it easy to track your prey, with an ideal line of sight straight down the shaft to the open muzzle.

Riffe Euro Series Speargun Open Muzzle
Original image courtesy of Riffe International:

Featuring space for two 16mm powerbands and the reliable Dyneema wishbones, the added silencer within Riffe’s trigger mechanism ensures you’ll not spook your next fish as the speargun fires. It’s quiet, deadly accurate, and the type of speargun you need to catch the kinds of fish you can brag to your friends about.

This is why you need to get the Riffe Euro Series Speargun:

  • Low-profile laminated teak barrel stock is shaped for maximum strength
  • High performing stainless steel 2-piece trigger mechanism
  • Stock with a 9/32” (7.1mm) Hawaiian-flopper Euroshaft
  • Fitted with twin 5/8” (16mm) Riffe Gorilla Rubber powerbands
  • Reinforced glass-filled Nylon handle will last for years
  • Rear loading pad allows full line of sight down the shaft

What type of spearfishing is it good for?

With the sizes of Riffe’s Euro Series speargun from 55cm to 120cm, you’re able to choose the particular length to suit most types of spearfishing.

Shorter spearguns for close-range conditions, while the longer weapons will give you the range you need to land brag-worthy fish. This speargun is a wonderful upgrade if you’ve been spearfishing for a while. And even if you’re a beginner – learning the ropes with a Riffe will give you a headstart in your spearfishing adventures.

For this review, I picked the Euro Series E-110X speargun. That’s a 110cm barrel. It’s the size I generally prefer for all-around spearfishing, as the length isn’t too massive to manage. But it’ll also give you plenty of power if a larger school of fish happens to swim into range.

How it feels to use the Riffe Euro Series Speargun…

Once you get a feel for spearfishing with a Riffe, it’ll be hard to go back to any other speargun. It’s easy to load with near-perfect accuracy, and the teak barrel gives it an excellent buoyancy in the water. It doesn’t feel heavy in your hand and tracks well.

When buying, I opted for the X model because I wanted the extended loading butt. Essentially, the only real difference is an additional 5 inches (12.5cm) of the barrel at the end of the speargun, making it easier to load and swing the gun around underwater.

Riffe Euro Series Speargun Extended Loading Butt
Original image courtesy of Riffe International:

The trigger press is smooth and reliable. You’re going to have a lot of fun spearfishing up to 15 or 20 feet with this speargun. It might feel a tad heavy before you get it in the water, but once you do, you’ll realize why so many of us swear by wooden spearguns. And in this case, the Riffe Euro Series speargun is best in class and well worth the investment – with proper care, it’ll last you for years (seriously).

My favourite part of the Riffe Euro Series speargun

What I love about this speargun is how it handles in the water. The added 5 inches of the barrel at the back of the Riffe Euro Series on their “X” models gets the balance perfectly right.

Good balance means the tip won’t constantly drop, so you won’t suffer from a tired-out arm even if you spend a couple of hours chasing fish around the reef. I used to get cramps in my hand with an older speargun that had this issue – trust me, you want every advantage you can when you’re underwater and hunting for your next catch.

Any downsides?

The only concern I would raise is the lack of space for a third 16mm powerband. When spending this amount of money on a speargun, you want it to be versatile enough to suit all conditions. I would have loved it if there was space for a third rubber here.

Riffe Euro Series Speargun Powerbands and Muzzle
Original image courtesy of Riffe International:

Now I know, three 16mm powerbands are probably overkill for a speargun this size. And you definitely can squeeze three 14mm into the gap (I know, I tried), but just a bit more space would have been wonderful so that I could dial up the range on this speargun even more.

Changes I’d make to the Riffe Euro Series Speargun?

You’re not going to need to change a heck of a lot once you get your hands on this speargun. It comes rigged and ready to get in the water.

The only real (get it, reel) change I’d recommend is adding a reel. The barrel comes with a built-in mount designed to fit the of Riffe Horizontal Reel with a flat mount, so you can easily play any larger fish you’ve shot.

The reel allows four different drag positions, from free spool to strong drag, and has a stainless-steel bail to stop your line from getting all tangled up. It’s one of the best reels you can buy and will take your Riffe speargun to the next level.

Riffe N.F. Horizontal Reel (No Line, Flat Mount (Wood Gun))
10 Reviews

Breakdown of the Riffe Euro Series Speargun

General Specs:

  • Low-profile teak barrel for maximum strength and faster shaft engagement
  • Riffe’s stainless-steel, two-piece trigger mechanism and added silencer
  • Euro style 9/32” (7.1mm) Hawaiian flopper shaft with large tabs
  • Comes with two 5/8” (16mm) Riffe Gorilla Rubber power bands
  • Powerbands pre-rigged with 1000 lb. Spectra wishbone line
  • Handle crafted from heavy-duty glass filled nylon, with moulded cushion grip

The handle & trigger mechanism

You’ll struggle to find a better trigger mechanism than the two-piece stainless steel design Riffe use in their spearguns. Boasting high-precision alongside the ability to free shaft, the trigger is easy to press and fires smooth. It’s also got a reliable safety switch, a rotating switch on the side that’s easy to activate and de-activate.

Riffe Euro Series Speargun Handle
Original image courtesy of Riffe International:

The handle just works. Contouring to your hand, you’ve got a moulded cushion grip over a heavy-duty glass-filled nylon handle. It’s virtually indestructible and is comfortable to grip and use. I noticed minimal recoil when firing with my shortened 16mm powerbands, even at a full arm extension, as the teak barrel soaks up much of the kickback.

The barrel & muzzle

Looking at the Riffe Euro Series speargun, there’s no doubt it’s a beautiful piece of equipment. With a barrel constructed from three pieces of teak, it’s been laminated and perfectly finished to protect against any damage from the elements.

The low-profile design of this Euro-style speargun keeps it quick in the water while following a roughly rectangular shape with radius corners for maximum strength.

Running along the top of the barrel, you’ve got the carved track for your shaft, cut deep enough so that only the top couple of millimetres of your spear show. This makes it incredibly accurate as you fire, without the tell-tale scrape noise you get on metal railguns.

To work with their tabbed Euroshaft, the Riffe Euro Series speargun has an open muzzle design. Reinforced and bolted for additional strength, there’s a slight opening allowing for easy removal of your powerbands, to either swap these out on a dive or to remove and clean them at the end of a productive day on the water.

The spear and tip

The Riffe Euro Series speargun shaft comes with a Hawaiian style flopper and a rounded point tip.

The large tabs on the 9/32″ (7.1mm) Euroshaft make for a more manageable load, and you can also request modifications to your shaft like an extra flopper or a rest tab if you order direct from Riffe.

The powerbands

Riffe’s Euro Series speargun uses two powerful 5/8″ (16mm) black coated amber “Gorilla Rubber” powerbands.

These can be tough to load if they’re too short, so be very careful if you decide to shorten these. But, again, I’d only recommend doing it after a few dives with this speargun, and you’re comfortable with the strength you’ll need to load it.

Riffe uses a 1000-pound Spectra wishbone line to tie off the powerbands, which is by far the best option. However, you should avoid using wired wishbones as they are incredibly dangerous to your fingertips if you happen to misload your speargun.

Riffe 5/8” Gorilla Rubber Power Bands
8 Reviews

Price of the Riffe Euro Series Speargun

Ultimately, there’s no getting around the fact that it is a premium speargun. So, naturally, the price goes up the longer barrel you choose. But, for me, I think the 110cm X Model I tested for this review was just about perfect, and you can get your hands on it at the link below.

Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
18 Reviews
Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
  • 58" Euro Series
  • Larger track, accepting up to 5/16? (8mm) diameter spearshafts, both European and Riffe square notch
  • Includes a 5 inch (12.7cm) rear extension for hip loading and aid when swinging gun
  • Hawaiian Flopper

The Bottom Line: Riffe Euro Series Speargun

If you want to get your hands on what’s arguably one of the best spearguns in the market (at these prices), the Riffe Euro Series speargun is a terrific choice.

It cuts through the water thanks to the low-profile design, and the beautiful teak barrel helps you accurately land shot, after shot, after shot. I’ve been a convert ever since I tried my first Riffe years ago, and especially as you push out into deeper water, you want the reliable quality you get with a speargun like the Euro Series.

Do yourself a favour, and upgrade to the Riffe Euro Series speargun today.

To me, the 110cm model I used as the basis of this review was just about perfect. It’s light in the water, incredibly accurate, and packs an incredible punch thanks to the twin 16mm powerbands and the 7mm shaft. It’s a top-of-the-line speargun, that’s for sure, but if you’re looking for something that’ll last you years – the Riffe Euro Series speargun would be my choice.

What else can I tell you?

Click here to get the Riffe Euro Series speargun today.

Why a Riffe Speargun?

Riffe International is a family owned spearfishing company operating out of San Clemente, California, U.S.A.

Founder Jay Riffe had a passion for spearfishing from the young age of 10, chasing schools of fish around the reefs of his home beaches with only a hand spear.

By 15, he was competing professionally, and at only 22 years old, Riffe became the Pacific Coast Champion. That landed him a spot in the nationals, and the World Spearfishing Team, where he set three World Records.

But here’s the best part. Jay Riffe crafted all of his spearguns himself. Bringing together his passion for spearfishing along with a knack for precision engineering, Riffe focused on creating powerful spearguns that were deadly quiet. Spearguns that would hold up to anything you could throw at it to compete at an international level.

You’ll find many of these older spearguns builds, guns that Jay himself made in his garage, are still in working condition today because he built them to last.

The Riffe Euro Series speargun is one of their most versatile spearguns. A weapon that will help everyone improve their spearfishing game, whether they’re a pure beginner or an experienced pro. Please do yourself a favour, and get your hands on it now.

Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
18 Reviews
Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
  • 58" Euro Series
  • Larger track, accepting up to 5/16? (8mm) diameter spearshafts, both European and Riffe square notch
  • Includes a 5 inch (12.7cm) rear extension for hip loading and aid when swinging gun
  • Hawaiian Flopper

The different Riffe spearguns

To cater to the different needs of different spearfishing, the team at Riffe offer a range of different spearguns. I’m a big fan of their Euro Speargun series for the versatility it gives, but there are benefits to their other spearguns.

Their Marauder Series is one of Riffe’s biggest spearguns, which range from 47″ (119cm) to 63″ (160cm). Fitted with three 16mm powerbands, it’s what you need if you’re spearfishing in blue water, targeting bluefin, marlin, yellowtail, sailfish, and other big pelagics.

Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
1 Reviews
Riffe Marauder Series Speargun - Marauder 63S
  • 3 x 9/16" (14mm) tie-in bands
  • Double flopper 7.5mm Euro shaft w/ 3 tabs
  • 5 laminate Mahogany wood stock w/ Mag-Track
  • New push button safety and SS reel inserts
  • S model comes w/ 3x 5/8" Tie-in bands and 8mm Euro threaded shaft w/ mini slip tip

Their Mahogany Competition Series is a more affordable model from Riffe. Using slightly cheaper wood brings the price down without sacrificing other quality parts. With a barrel length from 27″ (69cm) to 54″ (137cm), there is a size for all types of spearfishing.

Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Speargun (#2 (45in), Brown)
6 Reviews
Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Speargun (#2 (45in), Brown)
  • - Comes standard with Hawaiian setup: 9/32" Hawaiian Flopper Shaft, 1 wrap of line, and 2 power bands
  • - Heavy-duty plastic handle, auto line release
  • - Contoured red urethane butt end assembly for comfortable loading
  • - Stock length: 45" (114cm)
  • - Setup: Two Bands - Single Wrap Line

Riffe’s Enclosed Track Euro Series is similar to what I reviewed today. The key difference is an added polyethylene enclosed track. Designed to keep your shaft from flexing under a heavy load and losing accuracy from shaft whip as you fire.

Riffe Enclosed Track Euro Series Speargun - Euro 110X
1 Reviews

Finally, you have one of the best innovations I’ve seen for those who travel and spearfish. It’s Riffe’s Euro Travel series. Again, very similar to the Euro Series speargun. However, the barrel can be split into two equal parts to break the speargun down to fit in your luggage.

Riffe Euro Modular Speargun (130)
  • Low-Profile, 3 vertical laminate teak stock
  • 30” (76.2cm) Back Section with handle
  • Front Sections available in 16” (40.6cm), 20” (50.8cm), 24” (61cm), 28” (71.1cm), 32” (81.3cm)
  • 2 hardened non corrosive stainless steel 8mm rods secure sections
  • Comes standard with 19/64” (7.5mm) break down Hawaiian flopper Euro Travel Shaft

Ultimately, all that matters is that you buy the right speargun for the type of spearfishing you’ll be doing. For example, suppose you’re a beginner or intermediate diver. In that case, you’d do well with the 110cm Euro Series Speargun I’ve covered today. Though if you’re pushing out into deeper water, you may want to consider the longer 120cm version, or perhaps an upgrade into one of their bluewater spearguns, like the Marauder or the Competitor series.

In short, the Riffe Euro Speargun series packs a powerful punch, is deadly accurate, and is probably the best speargun you can buy for most kinds of spearfishing.

Heck, it’s the same speargun James Bond uses in No Time To Die.

James Bond Using Riffe Euro Series Speargun
Original image from “No Time To Die” (2021), Universal Pictures.

And if it’s good enough for Bond, it’s got to be good.

Click the link below and get yours now.

Happy spearin’

Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
18 Reviews
Riffe Euro 110X Speargun
  • 58" Euro Series
  • Larger track, accepting up to 5/16? (8mm) diameter spearshafts, both European and Riffe square notch
  • Includes a 5 inch (12.7cm) rear extension for hip loading and aid when swinging gun
  • Hawaiian Flopper

Riffe Euro Series Speargun Review

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