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The AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional speargun has everything you could want in a speargun, as they’ve taken the features we all know and love from their wood spearguns and incorporated them into a stainless steel model that’s sturdier than ever.

All up, it’s a quality weapon and one that I’d recommend for both beginners and even intermediate spearos when you’re looking to buy a new speargun. It’s also why it topped our list of the best spearguns to buy.

AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun, 42'
3 Reviews
AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun, 42"
  • Including hardened stainless spring steel shaft
  • Hardened stainless spring steel double barb

Why you should buy the AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional speargun

  • Stainless steel trigger mechanism can be overloaded for more power
  • All the features of the brand’s wooden spearguns without the hefty price tag
  • Comes standard with an 8mm shaft that’s study as hell and easy to replace tips
  • Good to go right out of the box, and for a quick win you can shorten the bands for more power

Behind the brand

AB Biller builds their spearguns in the USA, and has provided the spearguns for many national and state spearfishing champions, which has quickly established them as a solid brand in the spearfishing community. Their guns fit a nice niche for beginners and intermediate spearo’s looking for a higher quality speargun without a hefty price tag, and they’ve got a variety of different models.

AB Biller Spearguns

You’ll find spearos with AB Biller spearguns all over the world. The range of spearguns available from AB Biller is typically named based on the materials used in the barrel.

Hence, the AB Biller Teak spearguns, AB Biller Paduak spearguns and AB Biller Mahogany spearguns are all constructed in the same way, and feature identical stainless steel trigger mechanisms, it’s just the barrel material that differs. What makes these spearguns great is their neutral buoyancy underwater, and the fact the wood absorbs both the recoil of the gun and muffles the sound of every shot.

They’ve also put together a limited edition speargun which is perfect for deep blue hunting, and the floridian which was specifically crafted based on real customer feedback. But today we’re looking into the AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional speargun, which has all the benefits of the wooden guns, and at 42 inches is a perfect speargun for swimming around the reef.

The AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun

Equipped with all the features we know and love from AB Biller’s wooden spearguns, the Stainless Steel Professional is a decent speargun that will serve both beginners and intermediate spearos well.

Along the barrel there’s nylon guide rings to reduce any noise from the shaft hitting the metal, and also keeps your shots accurate and flying true. Off the shelf it comes with two 14mm bands, which are easily upgraded to 16mm if you’re looking for a little more power.

The speargun is available in sizes from 24 to 54 inches (61 to 137cm) making it a versatile gun that will suit you both in close to shore hunting, as well as chasing the big pelagics as you head further offshore to deeper diving sites. Today, I’m reviewing the 42 inch (107cm) version of the AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional speargun.


The cost of the AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional speargun will differ based on the length of the gun you want to buy. I chose the 42 inch model for this review.

AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun, 42'
3 Reviews
AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun, 42"
  • Including hardened stainless spring steel shaft
  • Hardened stainless spring steel double barb

General specs of the AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional

  • Open muzzle that can accommodate up to three 16mm bands
  • Stainless steel barrel that’s plugged for buoyancy
  • Comes with a 8mm stainless spring steel shaft and screw on tip
  • Silent safety switch with their patented design for one-handed operations
  • Stainless steel trigger mechanism for a smooth and reliable shot
AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional speargun handle in detail

Image Credit: The AB Biller Company

The handle

The handle on the AB Biller Stainless Steel speargun is comfortable to grip, and I especially like the protector for your fingers. The safety switch is interchangeable, and you can set this speargun up for single handed shooting whether you’re a lefty or right handed. What I really liked though was the rubber butt of the gun, which makes it very comfortable when reloading on your hip.

The trigger

The trigger mechanism is completely stainless steel, and solid enough to hold up to the stress of adding larger bands, though I probably wouldn’t put three shortened 20mm bands on there. It’s a little bit too far from what the manufacturer recommends. I do overload mine though, as I like having a little bit more oomph in my shots, and I’ve not yet noticed any problems.

The spear

The shaft is hardened stainless spring steel, and comes standard with an 8mm shaft. It’s got a thread to attach the spear tip, which I didn’t particularly like as it kept coming unwound. To fix it I had to wrap a little plumbers tape around the thread, and use a pair of pliers to wind the tip on.

The barrel

In keeping with the naming trend of their spearguns, the barrel of the AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional speargun is made from stainless steel, that’s been plugged to prevent water entering the chamber. Off the shelf it’s rated to withstand pressure up to 200 feet, and I’ve taken mine on more than a few dives and the chamber is still water free. Along the barrel there are plastic guides to keep the shaft from scraping against the metal, I’ve got two on my gun but the bigger ones have three.

The muzzle

The open muzzle on the gun is made from a heavy plastic, with a slot opening that makes it easy to change out your rubber bands.

How it actually feels to use

Overall, I rather enjoy using this speargun when I’m kicking around the headlands. I’ve heard that the longer ones can get a little heavy underwater, but the 42 inch gun was comfortable in my hands, even with my habit of having it out and ready to shoot throughout my entire dives.

After swapping out the bands for three 16mm replacements the speargun shoots extremely fast, and I was impressed that this didn’t affect the accuracy. There was no flex and it was still shooting deadly straight. The safety switch is easy to flick on and off, and the trigger is just a little stiff, but not as tight as some of the other guns I’ve shot with. All up, it was effective to a range of about 10 feet.

What I particularly liked though was the rubber butt. It’s comfortable, and makes reloading the speargun easy, especially if you’re new to spearfishing.

The downsides

There are two big downsides with this gun. The bands that come stock are not powerful enough, so you’ll need to replace these fairly quickly if you want a decent chance of catching anything at a distance. I swapped mine out after my first dive with the gun and it made a big difference.

Second, was the ballast. Even without the shaft loaded the gun still sinks, which can make it a little nerve-wracking to reload if you’ve not got it attached to something (like your float line). Don’t ever attach your speargun to yourself people, that’s just not safe.

The results

Overall, I am rather happy with this purchase and I would happily recommend this gun as the best in class. It’s comfortable to hold and reload, and for the price, you’d be hard pressed to find a better speargun. It’s ready to go out-of-the-box, though you’ll need to power it up before you do any serious spearfishing with the AB Biller Stainless Steel professional speargun, and if you’re a fan of the brand be sure to check out my reviews on the Padauk, Teak and Mahogany spearguns AB Biller has too. They’re all good little guns.

ab biller stainless steel speargun review

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