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Once you’ve been spearfishing for a little while, you’re going to be looking for ways to improve. To advance your fish-catching game. And one of the best ways to level-up is to turn to the advanced spearfishing equipment the pros rely on.

Spearfishing equipment that will:

  • Help you spear bigger fish.
  • Help you push out to deeper locations.
  • Help improve your bottom time.

In this guide I’d like to share with you the key pieces of spearfishing equipment I use when I’m going spearfishing. There’s no shortage of beginner’s guides to spearfishing gear. We’ve even written a few ourselves. What this post will cover is the additional equipment you can buy to go spearfishing, once you know your way around your basic spearfishing gear.

In this guide you’ll discover everything I use, to consistently catch bigger and better fish. It’s like uncovering the secrets of the trade, giving you an edge to help you improve your spearfishing game.

But if you want to skip all the details and jump right in, that’s cool too. I’ve got a quick list of the advanced spearfishing gear you need.

Otherwise keep reading and I’ll explain exactly why each piece of spearfishing equipment is critical for you.

Shortlist of the advanced spearfishing gear

GoPro HERO 7 Black
GoPro - Electronics
from $198.44
Suunto D4F Black Freedive Computer
Suunto - Sports
KIND Bars, Almond & Coconut, Gluten Free, 1.4 Ounce, 12 Count
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UST SplashFlash Waterproof LED Flashlight, Orange
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Shoreline Marine Basic Safety Whistle with Lanyard
Big Game International - Sports
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Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray, 1-Ounce
Jaws - Sports
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Silicone Grease - 2oz
Trident - Sports
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Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 One-Person Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak
Johnson Outdoors Watercraft - Sports
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Complete Grapnel Anchor System
AIRHEAD - Sports
Standard Horizon HX870 Floating 6W Handheld VHF with Internal GPS
Standard Horizon - Wireless Phone Accessory

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Top of the line speargun

Stepping up and buying a top-of-the-line speargun was a move I didn’t make for years. I was relying on cheap models, trying to “make it work” in order to save a few bucks.

But after a nice Christmas bonus one year I decided to treat myself to a decent speargun.

And it made a world of difference.

These days my go-to speargun is a 130cm Riffe Euro.

You can just feel the sturdiness and the quality of the speargun when you hold it in your hands. The speargun is solid.

But what most people don’t realize until they’ve used a premium speargun is just how important accuracy is. The Riffe Euro pounds, and it does so in a deadly straight line.

Which gives me two benefits.

First, I miss far less shots. I know my shaft is going to fly straight and true, so I’m not having to “adjust” my aim.

I just point and shoot. The shaft goes right where it needs.

The other, is the ability to add a third rubber. The reinforced muzzle allows you to overload the Riffe Euro which many cheaper spearguns don’t offer. Adding a third band gives you a significant power boost, and more range to each shot. You don’t have to get as close to each fish in order to take a shot, which means you can target even the more skittish species.

Oh, and I should also mention the tracking.

Despite being a solid speargun, it doesn’t feel like you’re lugging around a giant chunk of wood underwater. It’s like Riffe found the perfect balance between strength and usability, which makes it easy to track and target the fish you’re hunting.

Plus, the beautiful teak barrel still shines as bright as the day I bought it.

Can you tell I love this speargun?

I’ve brought home some truly whopping fish with it.

If you’re going to upgrade anything, do yourself a favor. Get yourself a Riffe Euro speargun. It’ll be one of the best pieces of spearfishing equipment you’ll ever buy.

Riffe Euro Series Speargun E-130 Brown
8 Reviews
Riffe Euro Series Speargun E-130 Brown
  • Low-Profile, 5 vertical laminate teak stock
  • Models E-55 up to E110 come standard with 17/64(6.75mm) Hawaiian flopper Euroshaft (upgrades optional)
  • Models E-110X up to E-130 come standard with 9/32(7.1mm) Hawaiian flopper Euroshaft
  • Models E-110X up to E-130 have a thicker stock for increased strength
  • (2) 5/8(16mm) Black RIFFE Gorilla Rubber power bands with 1000lb Spectra wishbone line (accepts up to (3) 9/16(14mm), (2) 5/8(16mm), or (2) 3/4(19mm) bands)

spearfishing equipment riffe speargun

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Speargun reel

With a large enough reel, you can land just about any fish.

Including big predatory species and pelagics.

I’ve got a couple of dive spots where the edge of the reef hits pretty deep water, and you’ll often get an inquisitive kingfish, mackerel and even the odd tuna cruising by.

Each time I dive here, one piece of spearfishing equipment I always use is my speargun reel.

Because when you’re reef diving, a breakaway rig isn’t what you want.

It’s overkill for the smaller reef fish, and it can be tricky to put back together if you’re in a shallower dive spot. You need a piece of spearfishing equipment that allows you to target both smaller reef fish, and a bigger pelagic if you happen across one.

A speargun reel is a handy piece of spearfishing equipment.

Because it acts a little like the reel on a fishing rod. You’ve a spool of a couple of hundred feet of mono line, which gives you options as you’re spearfishing.

You can tighten the drag so smaller reef fish can’t swim off once you’ve shot them.

But you can also loosen it if you happen across something bigger. Giving you some leeway to play the fish, to avoid being dragged through the ocean if it happens to take off, or to simply get back to the surface for a breath of sweet, sweet air.

With a big enough reel, you can land pretty much any fish you come across.

It works like this.

Your spear connects to your shooting line, wrapping it as normal around your speargun.

I always double wrap my spearing line, because on my Riffe Euro a single wrap is too short for the power of the triple bands and it was pulling too hard on the reel.

Double-wrapping my line stops this, at least with my speargun setup.

Once the shooting line is wrapped, it connects to the line in my speargun reel with a swivel.

There’s a couple of reasons for this setup.

Most importantly, it means your reel doesn’t always activate. If you’re targeting smaller fish on the reef, you don’t want them running off with hundreds of feet of line.

Line that gets caught up and tangled in the rocks and kelp. You simply adjust the drag on your speargun reel, tightening it up so there’s no play for the fish to take off. Land a shot, and it’ll hit the end of the line, unable to spool out, much like a non-reeled speargun setup.

But if you want to spear something bigger, just unwind the tension on the reel.

You’ve now got access to a couple of hundred feet of shooting line.

Land a shot, and the fish takes off. But instead of tearing the speargun from your grip, or facing a nasty fight to the surface, you’ve got the speargun reel to help.

Extra line to play the fish until it tires out, or to give you enough slack to make it back to the surface and take a breath of sweet, sweet air.

Then, and only then, you can start fighting to land the fish.

Using a speargun reel you can turn your speargun into versatile tool that allows you to spear both smaller reef fish and medium to large pelagics.

Ideal once you start pushing out into deeper water, and hunting bigger fish.

Rob Allen Composite Speargun Reel
3 Reviews
Rob Allen Composite Speargun Reel
  • Composite Materials
  • Stainless Steel Drag System
  • 55 Meter Line Capacity
  • Easy Winding Handle
  • Comes with Additional Mounting Kit

speargun reel for spearfishing equipment

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Underwater camera

There’s nothing more exciting than reliving the moment of a perfect catch. Or showing your friends and family the world, you’re exploring on each spearfishing trip.

An underwater camera is a fantastic piece of spearfishing equipment.

Not only will it allow you to capture everything that happens on a dive, you’ll have wonderful video and images to share, treasure and remember.

And often, when you re-watch the footage you’ll pick up on things you may not have even seen during the dive.

It’s incredible just how much escapes your notice.

On one spearfishing trip we had a rather large shark hanging about, just outside our field of vision. It wasn’t till I reviewed the footage later that night that I noticed him in not one, but three different shots. We were completely unaware of this beautiful beast who was most certainly interested in us.

Frightening too.

I would have never known we were being watched if I wasn’t filming.

These days, I record all of my dives.

And my go-to underwater camera is the GoPro Hero 7 Black.

GoPro HERO 7 Black
706 Reviews
GoPro HERO 7 Black
  • Hypersmooth video stabilization get gimbal like stabilization without the gimbal; Hero7 black predicts your movements and corrects for camera shake to deliver insanely smooth footage
  • Time warp video capture super stabilized time lapse videos while you move about a scene; Increase the speed up to 30x to turn longer activities into shareable moments
  • Super photo: get the best photos automatically; with super photo, Hero7 black intelligently applies hdr, local tone mapping or noise reduction to optimize your shots
  • Rugged + waterproof: Share experiences you can't capture with your phone; Hero7 black is rugged, waterproof without a housing to 33 feet (10 meter) and up for any adventure
  • Voice control: Stay in the moment; Control your Hero7 black hands free with voice commands like 'GoPro, take a photo' and 'GoPro, start recording

I love the image stabilization that makes my videos super-smooth, and it’s pretty easy to use. Everything is recorded in 4K quality, and you can even extract photos from the video footage without it being god-awful low quality.

But you will need a few more things.

First is the underwater housing. If you’re planning to use a GoPro for spearfishing, you need to protect it deeper than the 30 feet the camera alone can go underwater.

I made this mistake with an older model of the Olympus Tough, taking it too deep chasing a photo of a turtle in Thailand, and the pressure blew the case and flooded the camera.

Not good.

Get an underwater housing.

GoPro AADIV-001 Super Suit with Dive Housing for HERO7 /HERO6 /HERO5 , Clear, One Size
369 Reviews
GoPro AADIV-001 Super Suit with Dive Housing for HERO7 /HERO6 /HERO5 , Clear, One Size
  • Ultimate protection for your HERO6 Black or HERO5 Black during extreme outdoor activities and deep-water diving
  • Waterproof to 196ft (60m)
  • Includes two Waterproof Backdoors which can be used with Floaty
  • Includes one Skeleton Backdoor for touch-screen accessibility and improved audio capture
  • HERO6 Black or HERO5 Black cover lens must be removed before camera is put into the housing

The next is to consider how you’re going to mount your camera to record your dives.

You’re really only two options here. Mount your GoPro to your speargun, or mount it to your spearfishing mask. You don’t want a hand mount as the footage will be too jerky.

Personally, I see the benefits of both options.

Mounted on your speargun gives stable footage, that reminds me of the first-person shooter video games. Your shaft and the front of the speargun will usually end up in most of your shots. Rather cool, as you’ll get to review every shot you take.

The downside is you’re only going to be able to record your point of view. It’s just not safe to point your speargun at a friend to record their catch.

EXSHOW Bike Camera Mount,1/4-20 Thread Motorcycle Metal Holder for GoPro Hero7,6 5,4,3+,3,2,1,Canon,Garmin,Nikon,Sony,CASIO,Kodak and Other Cameras
172 Reviews
EXSHOW Bike Camera Mount,1/4-20 Thread Motorcycle Metal Holder for GoPro Hero7,6 5,4,3+,3,2,1,Canon,Garmin,Nikon,Sony,CASIO,Kodak and Other Cameras
  • PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: Suit for any cameras/recorder/camcorder with 1/4-20 mounting pattern such as Sony,GoPro,Nikon,SONY,CASIO,Kodak and other Cameras
  • STRONG PIPE MOUNT: It would be easy to lock on bike/motorcycle handlebar and any round pipe dia. from 0.7-1.3 inches
  • MORE THAN 360 DEGREE: Metal adjustable joints,you can easy to select the best visual angle and hold stability
  • ANTI-SKIDDING AND PROTECTIVENESS: Our clamps use soft silicone and metal material, make sure your devices would not drop down when biking across country yard
  • HIGH QUALITY RAW MATERIAL: We use Raw aluminium alloy clamps and ball joint in order to be more durable while outdoor strenuous exercising,all our products comes with a 1 year warranty and we would reply your any questions in 18 hours

Mounted to your mask you can capture everything you’re looking at underwater, allowing you to turn and capture your friends in action as they’re spearfishing. This is great because it gives anyone watching an actual feeling of what it’s like to go spearfishing.

The downside is it adds drag to your mask, and if you descend (or ascent) too quickly, it can pull enough that it breaks the seal and lets water seep in.

Dive Mount - Mask Strap Action Camera Mount
12 Reviews
Dive Mount - Mask Strap Action Camera Mount
  • GO PRO COMPATIBLE: Fits most popular brands and models of action cameras
  • UNIVERSAL: Works with any dive mask
  • ERGONOMIC: Comfortable form fitting neoprene pads
  • HANDS FREE: Convenient and easily accessible
  • QUALITY FOOTAGE: Less bubbles than other mask mounts

Personally, I prefer the speargun mount. It’s the most stable, allows me to dive quickly to the bottom without worrying my mask will flood.

And if I do want to record my friends I can simply loosen the GoPro a tad and rotate it so my speargun is pointing straight down and out of the way, while I record them in action.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy a filter to get better colors in your underwater videos. I always use a red filter when I dive as it helps bring out the colors, especially when you’re spearfishing at 10 meters or more, it makes a world of difference to your video.

Waterproof Case for Gopro Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 2018 Black Accessories, Housing Case Protective Shell with Anti Fog Inserts and Filter Kit Suitable for Underwater Diving Photography 45M
152 Reviews
Waterproof Case for Gopro Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 2018 Black Accessories, Housing Case Protective Shell with Anti Fog Inserts and Filter Kit Suitable for Underwater Diving Photography 45M
  • Specially designed accessories for GoPro Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Black/ Hero (2018). Waterproof up to 45m, ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports activities.
  • This case for GoPro Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Black/ Hero (2018) easy to install. It's no need to remove cover lens before camera is put into the housing, this design protects your camera lens better.
  • Includes 3-Pack dive filters: The filters can be easily snap on and off waterproof case for GoPro hero Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Black/ Hero (2018). LIGHT RED filter for snorkel depth water 2-15 feet and color correction in blue water or clear freshwater. RED filter for scuba and free dive depth water 15-85 feet and color correction in blue water or tropical seawater. MAGENTA filter for depth water 7-70 feet and color correction in freshwater appearing green at more than 7 feet.
  • Anti-fog Inserts (12-pack): Prevent fogging of lens in cold and humid environments inside the GoPro housing. Compatible with all GoPro cameras and other cameras and housing systems. Reusable: Inserts can be used multiple times, just oven bake to dry out.
  • After use this waterproof case for Gopro Hero 7 black , please wash it with water and wipe it clean to prevent the screw from rusting and corroding. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

spearfishing camera equipment

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Freediving watch

Once you start pushing to increase your bottom times, you need a tool to track and record your dives. You need a freediving watch,

A freediving watch is a critical piece of spearfishing equipment. It automatically stores the depths and times you’ve been spearfishing, and also tells you how long to rest and recover on the surface before descending again.

The first time you setup your freediving watch, it’ll ask to input a whole host of information on your weight, height, age and so on, to better calculate your dives.

As you progress, you can even use it to push your apnea training.

Many freediving watches will have alarms you can set to track your depth, as well as your bottom time, so you always know where you’re at on a particular dive.

The easiest way to prevent shallow water blackouts is to use a freediving watch, and stick to the guidelines. Once you start pushing too fast, too deep, or too long underwater, that’s when people get into trouble.

This is how I use mine.

The first alarm goes off at 10 meters, when I know I’m already negatively buoyant and can start to slow my descent.

I also set a dive timer at 1 minute 30 seconds so another alarm goes off when I need to return to the surface.

And finally, I always ensure I’m resting on the surface for at least twice the time I spent on the last dive. That means if I was under for 1 minute 30 seconds. I will take at least 3 minutes of recovery time on the surface.

Resting for long enough is a critical safety step when you’re spearfishing.

Without a freediving watch, it’s hard to judge if your body has recovered enough for the following dive or not, as you’re just going be “feel.” And that’s a key danger for shallow water blackouts.

Accidentally pushing yourself just a little too hard will result in a black out.

A freediving watch helps you to stay on track with your dives, without crossing any limits.

Right now, I’m in love with the Suuntu D4F freediving watch.

The wife got it for me for my birthday earlier this year, and I’ve worn it ever since.

It’s stylish and comfortable to wear as my everyday watch (it comes with a “watch mode”) and is plenty bright enough even when I’m spearfishing deep.

Suunto D4F Black Freedive Computer
6 Reviews
Suunto D4F Black Freedive Computer
  • Ideal for freediving, snorkeling and spearfishing
  • Apnea timer
  • Maximum depth 100m
  • Light-weight
  • Computer, Elastomer Strap, Scratch Guards (2 pcs), Safety Leaflet, Quick Guide, Dive Legal Leaflet , Warranty Information, Suunto Logo Sticker

Safety is the most important thing to responsible spearfishing, especially when you’re trying to increase your bottom times and catch more fish. Ensure you’ve got a piece of spearfishing equipment that will help you to stay safe.

spearfishing equipment dive watch

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Underwater flashlight

Now it’s a pretty touchy topic when it comes to spearfishing with a flashlight.

In Australia, at least where I grew up in NSW, it’s against the rules to use a flashlight with a pole spear or a speargun. My guess is that it’s just not fair on the fish, as many of the reef species we typically hunt are sleeping and an easy mark.

But not all countries have these same restrictions on spearfishing equipment.

The United States is much more lenient, and you’ve not got the same rules. Spearfishing in Florida with a light is perfectly legal, and I’ve friends who swear by it in Hawaii.

Ultimately, it’s up to you.

I’ve done both, and in my experience, spearfishing at night is a whole other phenomenon. It’s a tad freaky when you’ve only got a small piece of visibility. And I’ve always seen less fish at night, although the crabs and crayfish are out in force.

With an underwater flashlight spearfishing becomes a completely different experience.

Just make sure you review the rules and regulations before you start spearfishing with a flashlight, to make sure you’re not going to get in any trouble.

Here in Australia, I do night dives for fun when the conditions are perfect.

Of course, I leave the spearguns at home and I’m essentially just snorkeling around the reef, but that’s because I simply love the water.

I don’t always need to bring home a catch, often it’s enough to record some great GoPro footage and see another side of my favorite dive spots.

What you’re looking for is a spearfishing flashlight that has a strong central beam, so you can spotlight and target your fish.

My favorite underwater flashlight is from Big Blue. They’ve got a few different models, I’ve personally used both the 2600 and the 1200 and I’d highly recommend the brighter “Black Molly 3” as it’ feels solid, sturdy, and is plenty bright enough. It’s built like a tank.

BigBlue AL2600XWP Black Molly III 2600 Lumens 120 Degree Beam Angle
  • Package Includes:1 x AL2600XWP Video Light,1 x Ball Mount, 1 x 26650 Li ion Rechargeable battery and Charger,1 x Lanyard, 1 x Removable Yellow Filter
  • Compatible With: Universal
  • BLACK MOLLY 3!!! AL2600XWP: This light is nicknamed the Black Molly 3 and is a perfect light for underwater photo/video divers. Now offered in Orange Color!
  • With a 120 degree beam and an illuminated power switch/battery indicator, this light boasts awesome lumen strength and increased efficiency.

You will need a way to keep the light stable, and for me I’ve found the best solution is the glove mounts.

I don’t want a light permanently attached to my speargun, and with it on my hand I’ve got a close source of light if I ever need to drop my gun and poke around in a cave looking for crayfish. The gloves free up your hands so you can focus on spearfishing, and you’ve still got the light right there when you need it.

Big Blue Neoprene Goodman Style Glove with Adjustable Velcro Straps for AL and CF Mini Series Lights
11 Reviews

spearfishing at night with flashlight equipment

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Float line boat

By now I hope you’ve got a float line and dive flag to mark your position when you’re spearfishing. It’s much safer for starters, but there’s another reason.

Having a float line boat in your list of spearfishing equipment gives you a way to carry more gear than you could without it.

It’s critical, especially when you’re spearfishing from the shore. Without supplies like a little food and water, you won’t last much more than a couple of hours spearfishing.

And when the conditions are right, you want as much time spearfishing as possible.

Once I started getting confident in the water I started spearfishing deeper and deeper.

I experimented with home-made float setups for years but one of the smartest buys I made was a float line boat. It’s like a floating backpack. Designed specifically for spearfishing.

It cuts easily through the water without a lot of drag, and is more than floaty enough to hang onto when I need a break from swimming.

But that’s not all.

Inside I’ve got a few things that make me a tad more comfortable while I’m spearfishing.

The first is my water. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the ocean, and being able to get a decent drink helps me to refresh and stay spearfishing for longer.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle, Cold for 24 Hours Hot for 12 Hours, 21 OZ - 50 OZ Double Wall Thermos Flask, Travel Sports Leak Proof Drinking Bottle with Metal Strainer, BPA Free
305 Reviews
Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle, Cold for 24 Hours Hot for 12 Hours, 21 OZ - 50 OZ Double Wall Thermos Flask, Travel Sports Leak Proof Drinking Bottle with Metal Strainer, BPA Free
  • STURDY, DURABLE QUALITY: This sleek and rugged sports water bottle is made from high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel that will not break. It will never leave a metal taste or rust. Better than using plastic or glass water bottles! Perfect for women and men, boys and girls!.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The powder coat exterior finish is a classic. It assures that you stand out with a very durable and simple modern shape bottle. The wide-mouth opening makes this double walled vacuum insulated water bottle easier to fill up and clean. Fashion design let you carry it easily while camping, hiking, or doing any other outdoor sports. Offer colors: Black, Red, Army Green and Original Stainless Steel.
  • VACUUM INSULATED: Goodbye sweat! Double wall insulation makes this sports/camping water bottle sweat-free, so no coaster/cover needed! This vacuum insulated water bottle can keep your cold drink perfectly chilled up to 24 hours or your coffee, hot drink hot for up to 12 hours. It keeps the temperature inside the bottle. So you can carry the water bottle comfortably, whether it was full of boiling water or a pack of ice! Also, this will hydro guide you and keep you healthy in almost any activity!
  • NO LEAKS: The travel water bottle comes with a leak proof, insulated cap. The stainless steel lid will prevent any accidental spills. 27 oz (800ml, a lot more than 24 oz ) capacity is large enough to fit your daily hydration needs. The stainless steel repels any lingering flavors. Just put this portable sports water bottle in your gym bag or the side pouch of your backpack and you are ready to go!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We guarantee that the high quality HvDrink bottle will surely please you! If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the HvDrink, we will issue you a full refund or an exchange!

I also toss in a couple of energy bars if I’m planning a longer dive session to keep my energy levels up.

KIND Bars, Almond & Coconut, Gluten Free, 1.4 Ounce, 12 Count
1,414 Reviews
KIND Bars, Almond & Coconut, Gluten Free, 1.4 Ounce, 12 Count
  • Contains 12 - 1.4oz KIND Bars
  • One of our original and best-selling bars: made with almonds and pieces of toasted coconut bound together with honey for a sweet, chewy, crunchy snack.
  • A satisfying, nutty snack that only seems indulgent.
  • Gluten free, No Genetically Modified Ingredients, 0g Trans Fat, Kosher
  • Low glycemic index, low sodium, good source of fiber

My float boat is also where I clip my stringer, to keep my catch well away from me just in case a shark gets a little too close for comfort. I’ve had fish taken before, and I’d rather they are as far away from me as possible, especially when I’m so far from land.

I’ve also got a few pieces of safety gear that clip onto my float boat. A whistle to attract attention should I get in trouble, and strobe light in case I can’t make it back to shore. I’ve been fortunate enough I’ve never had to use either of these, but I’m more comfortable knowing they’re there.

I also keep my keys, wallet and phone in a waterproof dry bag that I take with me when I go out for a dive. I’ve had my gear stolen twice, and my car broken into while I was out spearfishing, and I’ve learnt not to leave my valuables behind.

UST SplashFlash Waterproof LED Flashlight, Orange
257 Reviews
UST SplashFlash Waterproof LED Flashlight, Orange
  • BRIGHTNESS: 25 lumens of bright, clean light with Steady On and SOS modes
  • DIMENSIONS: 3" H x 1" W and weighs 1 oz with (1) AAA batteries (included)
  • EASE OF USE: Easy twist collar ON/OFF and mode cycle operation and includes a carabiner clip that attaches anywhere or doubles as a keychain
  • RELIABLE: 11 continuous hours of runtime with an unbreakable LED bulb that never needs to be replaced
  • DURABLE: IPX7 waterproof, high-impact ABS plastic with a molded-rubber lens protector
Shoreline Marine Basic Safety Whistle with Lanyard
837 Reviews
Shoreline Marine Basic Safety Whistle with Lanyard
  • Super durable construction ensures proper functioning when you need it most while boating or for any other purposes
  • Super loud whistle provides audible protection for mariners, sporting events and personal safety to ensure that you will be heard when you need assistance.
  • Pea-less whitle design ensures it works wet or dry, out in your kayak or on dry land
  • Meets marine safety requirements in all states
  • Bright orange color, and included matching orange lanyard, makes this whistle easy to find when you need it

The best float boat I’ve found is the below from Palantic. When it arrives, you’ll need to stuff the inflatable bladders into the sides of the boat, before you inflate them. Then it’s ready to go.

Palantic Scuba Diving Inflatable Gangway Float Boat with Dive Flag & Air Pump
7 Reviews
Palantic Scuba Diving Inflatable Gangway Float Boat with Dive Flag & Air Pump
  • Inflated Measurement: 35" x 24" x 11". - Dive flag measurement: 10" x 8". Pole length: 19-3/4", 1/2" diameter.
  • Outside Material: PVC with reinforced mesh. Inside bladder: 0.35mm PVC
  • Include 6 plastic d-rings on the bottom and 5 plastic d-ring on the top side.
  • YKK zippers
  • Air pump included

preventing accidents with safety spearfishing equipment

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Mask defogger

A fogged-up mask can ruin even the most perfect day spearfishing.

I’m assuming you’ve already prepped your mask for its first use, but you’re still going to need to apply a defogger before every dive.

Of course, there’s plenty of solutions like using a little baby shampoo or dish liquid, even spit can keep things fogging up for a minute.

But when you’re planning an entire day on the water, a bottle of mask defogger should be in your spearfishing equipment kit.

Even though the bottles are small, a little goes a long way to keeping your spearfishing mask free and clear from any condensation.

All it takes is a quick spray when your mask is dry, and rinse it out right as you get in the water. You may need to reapply the defogger it if your mask floods, and the water washes it clean. I’ll usually defog my mask at least once or twice while I’m spearfishing.

On the market there are many options, the best I’ve found is the antifog spray from jaws. It does run out quickly though, so you may want to buy more than one bottle.

Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray, 1-Ounce
3,410 Reviews
Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray, 1-Ounce
  • Long Lasting , Non-toxic Formula
  • 200+ pumps per bottle
  • All natural ingredients
  • Works on glass and plastic
  • Use for wet or dry applications

defogging spearfishing mask for better equipment

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Beard wax

Once I started growing my beard out, I thought I would always suffer from a leaky spearfishing mask. I just wasn’t willing to shave it off and bring the baby face back.

But then a friend turned me on to mask sealer.

It’s a great piece of spearfishing equipment as it allows you to get a better seal on your mask so it doesn’t leak. These days I use it all the time.

Trident Snorkeling and Scubadiving Mask Sealer and Mustache Wax
60 Reviews
Trident Snorkeling and Scubadiving Mask Sealer and Mustache Wax
  • Helps prevent mask leaks
  • Great for use on mustaches, wrinkles and dimples
  • Easy to apply
  • 0.15 Ounce size

It works like this.

Apply the wax to your moustache and beard where your spearfishing mask sits on your face.

It’s kind of like a mushy chapstick, in a small dispenser that makes it easy to use on the boat.

The wax gets all in your mustache, helping to form an airtight seal between your face, your beard and your spearfishing mask. Perfect for my bushy facial hair.

It lasts about 40 minutes to an hour in the water, although if you’re constantly readjusting your mask or you remove it you will need to reapply.

Washing it out at the end of a dive can be a challenge, you’ll need a little soap to break down the wax as it is water resistant. Or you could just wipe it out on your towel, and worry about your face when you get home to shower.

The only downside is how small the tube is. I run out after three or four days of diving, and I’ve started buying this stuff in larger tubs.

It’s a tad runnier in the large tubs, but I’ve got plenty to use and it’s also a lot more economical buying it in bulk, for what’s essentially the same stuff.

Silicone Grease - 2oz
581 Reviews
Silicone Grease - 2oz
  • Silicone Grease
  • Rubber products such as O-rings
  • Preserves rubber, plastic and metal
  • Remains pliable even after extended use
  • Comes in 2 sizes!

Just be warned. You’ve probably got a jar of Vaseline at home you think can do the same job. It looks the same, applies the same. But it’s not the same. Vaseline is a petroleum-based jelly, which will actually damage the delicate silicon around the edge of your mask.

Whatever you do, don’t try to use Vaseline to seal your beard. Use a silicon-based product to avoid damaging your mask.

beard with spearfishing equipment

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Deep-sea fishing kayak

Before I bought my boat, I relied on my kayak to get out to deeper spearfishing locations.

These days, I still take my kayak if we’re not going too far offshore.

It’s a fundamental piece of spearfishing equipment for anyone trying to reach new dive sites, and catch bigger fish.

Plus, I can strap my kayak to the top of my truck before a day at the office, and it’s ready for a sneaky late-afternoon spearfishing session.

Cheaper to run and much easier to launch than my boat, I’m a big fan of spearfishing from a kayak. You’re almost spoilt for choice when shopping for a fishing kayak, but I’d recommend thinking about these two points before you buy.

Wider kayaks are more stable, but take more effort to paddle through the water.

Longer kayaks are easier to paddle, but are more expensive and harder to transport.

Oh, and make sure there’s plenty of room to store your spearfishing equipment, and you’ve also got an anchor system in place so your kayak doesn’t drift away while you’re spearfishing.

The kayak I’m using is the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13.


It’s got a comfortable seat, and is designed for the open ocean.

I’ve taken this kayak through breaking waves in the surf to reach outer reefs, and pretty choppy water. It definitely holds its own, and is quite stable even when you’re climbing in and out of the water to go spearfishing.

It’s also got a ton of storage space for all of your spearfishing equipment, and I can comfortably carry it into and out of the water by myself.

That’s a big plus.

Oh, and make sure you buy an anchor for it. The last thing you want is to be hundreds of meters offshore and discover your spearfishing kayak has floated off.

But most kayak anchors are a little too lightweight.

They’re designed to keep you in place while you’re fishing, which is fine when you’re in the kayak, but if you’ve jumped out to go spearfishing you want to know your ride home is not going to go anywhere. Here’s what you do.

Buy a folding kayak anchor, like this one from Airhead.

Complete Grapnel Anchor System
676 Reviews
Complete Grapnel Anchor System
  • 3 1/3 pound 4 fluke folding anchor will hold in mud, sand, gravel and rock
  • Designed for boats, sailboats, personal watercraft, inflatable boats, canoes, and float tubes
  • Fits under most boat seats, in PWC storage compartments, or in PWC storage canisters
  • 25 foot long marine grade rope
  • Durable nylon storage case is padded for added protection

Next, you’re going to need about a foot or two of chain. The chain attaches to the anchor, and helps to weigh it down. This helps the arms of the anchor to “grip” into the sand, as the chain is helping it to stay on the bottom.

Next, you’re going to need at least a hundred meters or so of anchor line. The longer the better, as this lets the kayak drift a little, so the anchor can “catch” in the sand. Once it’s secured, just tie it off and you’re good to start spearfishing.

Norestar Braided Nylon Anchor/Mooring Rope with Thimble, 300 feet by 5/8 inch, Boat Rode
231 Reviews
Norestar Braided Nylon Anchor/Mooring Rope with Thimble, 300 feet by 5/8 inch, Boat Rode
  • Extra heavy duty anchor line makes a great anchor rode for nearly any boat
  • Professionally spliced stainless steel thimble allows for easy attachment of rope to shackle and anchor; other end heat sealed (not suitable for windlasses)
  • Constructed from double braided nylon, providing superior strength and ease of handling
  • Ideal for anchor rode setups but can be used for countless other applications
  • Refer to our sizing table in the description for the adequate size rope for your boat

using a kayak to go spearfishing

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Portable fish finder

Knowing where to go spearfishing is more important than any amount of spearfishing equipment. You need to be able to identify the structures and areas the fish are hanging around, before gearing up to go spearfishing.

Once I bought a spearfishing kayak, the next investment I made was in a portable fish finder.

The model I use is the Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro.

It’s super portable, and relatively easy to switch it out on my boat or my kayak, there’s just a couple of pieces to install and connect.

This fish finder is not the best if you’re spearfishing in very shallow water (under about 10 feet the readings aren’t great), but once you’re deeper than this it’s perfect.

And to be honest, if you’re spearfishing from a kayak you’re probably going to be padding out deeper than this.

The model I have uses the 4″ screen, which is plenty on either boat or kayak. And it comes with a SD card to load in your GPS maps like Navionics or C-Map essentials.

But what really makes this model stand out is the CHIPR sonar and wide-spectrum down vision it gives. You get crystal clear images of the bottom, up to about 600 feet depth.

When you’re on the hunt for structures, reefs and any other interesting spots to dive, this is the fish finder for you.

If you’re into sharing you can also use their app to stream the sonar data to your phone, to review and track your GPS positioning later, and even share your catches on social media.

fish finder spearfishing equipment

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Two-way marine radio

Considering just how much can go wrong when you’re spearfishing in deep water, a two-way marine radio is an important piece of spearfishing equipment.

In an emergency, you want a way to communicate with the Coast Guard.

Your cell phone just isn’t reliable offshore, where the mobile service can be spotty at best.

My advice, is to buy a handheld VHF radio.

If something bad happens, you can hail the coastguard (on channel 16) and get their help.

In the United States you don’t need a license to operate one of these radios, but it is important you know and understand the protocols for broadcasting. You can find more information here, but what’s most critical is you know how to raise a mayday.

This is a distress call, and should only ever be used in a life or death situation.

  • Turn your radio to channel 16.
  • Repeat the phrase “MAYDAY” three times
  • Repeat “THIS IS” followed by your boat’s name
  • Say “MAYDAY” and follow it with your boat’s name again
  • Give your position (longitude and latitude)
  • Explain the situation you’re in
  • Explain the help you need
  • Tell them how many people are on board
  • Give any other important information
  • Sign off with the phrase “OVER”

Repeat this until your message is received.

The handheld radio I carry with me on my spearfishing kayak is the following model from Standard Horizon.

It floats, has its own internal GPS, and a menu system that is straightforward and easy to use. You can also program it with your MMSI number and at the push of a button send a distress call to the coast guard.

When you’re out on the ocean, a radio is a must have piece of spearfishing equipment. If you only ever need to use it once, in your entire life, that’s enough.

It may just save your life.

Standard Horizon HX870 Floating 6W Handheld VHF with Internal GPS
243 Reviews
Standard Horizon HX870 Floating 6W Handheld VHF with Internal GPS
  • Floating 6W Handheld VHF with Internal GPS; Supplied with a 1800 mAh Li-Ion Battery, 110VAC and 12VDC 3-hour quick chargersAlkaline Battery Tray
  • Meets ITU-R M493-13 Class D DSC (Digital Selective Calling)
  • Separate Receiver for CH70 (Receiving DSC Calls)
  • Integrated 66 Channel WAAS GPS receiver.Submersible IPX8 waterproof rating (1.5M or 4.92 feet for 30 minutes)
  • Noise-canceling Function for both transmit and receive audio

vhf radio spearfishing equipment

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Flashers for blue-water spearfishing

There’s a reason fisherman all over the world use bright flashy lures. They attract fish. And when you’re spearfishing it’s no different.

Flashers are a great piece of spearfishing equipment to bring the fish to you.

Especially when you’re targeting predatory fish in deep water.

Now there’s two types of spearfishing flashers.

The first floats and has a line dropping down into the water.

My setups usually end up being about 3 meters of mono line, attached to a float on one end, and a small sinker on the other. Spaced along the line is anywhere from 10 to 15 bright, reflective flashers.

I’ve seen everything from broken CDs to Christmas tinsel used, but if you want anything to last more than a couple of dives I’d recommend buying proper flashers.

They spin better in the water, and will bring in more fish.

Hammerhead Spearguns Flashers (Large, Toss Flasher)
  • 2 Pack
  • Large
  • Versitile
  • Reflective Color

Once I hit my dive spot, I toss the flasher in, and start diving around it. If there’s any predatory fish hanging around, there’s a good chance they’ll come in to investigate.

The other type of flasher is one that’s thrown.

I like these less than the floating ones as these are much easier to lose. And you’ll need to dive and retrieve them from the bottom (or grab them before they drop too far). So it’s a bit more work.

The benefit though, is they spin and flash a lot more as they sink. Arguably, thrown flashers do work better, but it’s a bit more work.

Personally, I’d start with a floating flasher, and if you’re looking for a more active way to bring the fish in switch it up and try the thrown version.

Spearfishing Mexican Flag Throw Flasher Pelagic Fish Attraction
  • Holographic design for maximum flashing attraction
  • 1 flat card and 1 angled card to create vibration and movement when moving through the water

I’ve seen divers attach flashers to their float lines, so they can simply “forget about it” on their dive, while their flasher is spinning behind them.

It’s a great passive strategy to bring the fish in, but be careful of getting it tangled.

flashers for spearfishing equipment

Advanced spearfishing equipment: Shark deterrents

I love sharks a little too much.

They’re one of my favorite creatures in the ocean, and I’ve spent many a dive in wonder just watching these giants drift by.

But sharks are a real and present danger while you’re spearfishing.

And if you can get a piece of spearfishing equipment to keep them from stealing your catch, all the better.

I know the statistics. The chance of getting attacked by a shark is less than the chances you’ll get in a traffic accident on the way to the beach. In fact, more people die each year taking selfies than from shark attacks.

But for someone who has spent far too long in the water, and seen firsthand how aggressive sharks can be around the fish you’ve just speared, having a means to keep a shark away is important when you’re spearfishing.

And that’s where the Ocean Guardian Freedom 7 comes in.

It’s the only proven shark deterrent in the market.

Under independent testing, studies found the electrical field created by the device is effective at turning sharks away, most of the time. Think of it like a seat belt. It won’t always save your life in an accident, but it greatly increases your chances of survival.

It’s important I make it clear here, this shark repelling device is not foolproof.

But it does work.

While wearing this I’ve had sharks swimming towards me then literally stop and change course when they hit the electric field.

It’s amazing to see.

Plus, it doesn’t repel fish, so you’re going to have no trouble in the water with this piece of spearfishing equipment. I’ve taken big kingfish and many other predatory species with no problems while this device is on. It does however keep stingrays and other rays away.

The Freedom 7 straps to your ankle, with a battery charge that lasts for 6 hours of use. Trailing from the device is an antenna, that stretches for 2.2 meters behind you.

It takes a little to get used to the trailing device, but this is what makes it work.

The electrodes in the antenna create the electrical field, which is what repels the sharks.

If you’re spearfishing in an area with a significant number of sharks, it’s worth investing in the Freedom 7. For peace of mind and a little more security in the water, it’s worth buying this piece of spearfishing equipment.

Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 | Powered by Shark Shield Technology | Diving | Spearfishing | Kayaking | Scuba Diving | Proven Shark Deterrent | Dive Equipment
7 Reviews
Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 | Powered by Shark Shield Technology | Diving | Spearfishing | Kayaking | Scuba Diving | Proven Shark Deterrent | Dive Equipment
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN The world's only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Proven to deter great whites.
  • HOW IT WORKS Capable of generating an electric field via the trailing antenna that's attached to a power module while being worn on your ankle, this shark deterrent can help reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter when you're in water as deep as 50 meters (164 feet).
  • UP TO 6 HOURS PROTECTION Used by the US & Australian Navies, and included as a mandated safety equipment in some industries, this shark protection gear comes equipped with a lithium rechargeable battery that's good for 1000 charge cycles, with an estimated six-hour battery life per charge.
  • COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT Featuring a lightweight design and neoprene Velcro pouch, our electric repellant comes equipped with a lithium rechargeable battery that's good for 1000 charge cycles, with an estimated six-hour battery life per charge. Each package comes with power adaptors for Australia, USA, Europe, and Asia.
  • 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We are so confident in the quality of our anti shark device that we back them with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. We won't hesitate to give your money back if the shark diving protection gear doesn't meet your expectations.

flashers for spearfishing equipment

Wrapping up the spearfishing equipment mega post

And with that, we’ve hit the end of the post.

Thank you for taking the time to read it through.

I hope the spearfishing equipment we’ve covered today gives you the edge you need to start catching bigger and better fish.

Just to wrap it up, you can see all the spearfishing equipment we covered here.

GoPro HERO 7 Black
GoPro - Electronics
from $198.44
Suunto D4F Black Freedive Computer
Suunto - Sports
KIND Bars, Almond & Coconut, Gluten Free, 1.4 Ounce, 12 Count
United Natural Trading Co. (Hershey Import) - Grocery
from $16.83
UST SplashFlash Waterproof LED Flashlight, Orange
Revere Supply Company Inc. - Sports
Shoreline Marine Basic Safety Whistle with Lanyard
Big Game International - Sports
from $2.99
Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray, 1-Ounce
Jaws - Sports
from $6.95
Silicone Grease - 2oz
Trident - Sports
from $7.95
Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 One-Person Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak
Johnson Outdoors Watercraft - Sports
from $889.99
Complete Grapnel Anchor System
AIRHEAD - Sports
Standard Horizon HX870 Floating 6W Handheld VHF with Internal GPS
Standard Horizon - Wireless Phone Accessory

All of these items are critical if you want to start catching bigger and better fish.

You need the right tools to effectively hunt in deeper water, while keeping yourself safe at the same time. And once you pull in your first big pelagic, well I can tell you.

There is no better feeling.

Wrestling a true monster of the deep back to shore is an ecstatic moment you will remember for the rest of your life.

And armed with the spearfishing equipment we’ve covered today, you’ll be in the best possible spot to catch once-in-a-lifetime fish.

Now if you’ve got any questions at all, on any of the products I’ve listed above or anything to do with spearfishing at all. Get in touch. I’d love to help you out.

Happy spearin’

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