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If there’s one trend I’ve watched rise to fame it’s the camo spearfishing wetsuit. Back in the day we only had one option for spearfishing wetsuits. Jet black. They weren’t comfortable, were thick as hell, and restricted your movement underwater something chronic. But they worked.

I’ve never had problems spearfishing, but I wanted to weigh in on this debate.

TL:DR; Get a camo spearfishing wetsuit to look cool, and improve your spearfishing.

I’ve seen and heard arguments for both sides.

On the one hand, it’s hard to argue that it’s harder to spot my dive buddy against the reef when he’s decked out in his brown-green camo wetsuit.

On the other, does it really matter to the fish what you’re wearing as you dive?

why you need a camo spearfishing wetsuit

A camo spearfishing wetsuit will…

  • Allow you to blend in against the background, so you can sit motionless and let the fish come to you. This is perfect if you’re after skittish reef fish.
  • Help break up your lateral lines underwater so as to trick the fish into thinking you’re smaller than you actually are. Big fish make smaller fish very nervous.
  • Stop you looking like a big, fat seal, i.e. what many sharks like to feast on.

A camo spearfishing wetsuit will not…

  • Help you stay unnoticed if you’re splashing around making a ruckus underwater, you need to develop a proper stalking technique no matter what you’re wearing.
  • Allow you to move freely underwater like the invisible man. You will need to stay still for the fish to come in close.

camo spearfishing wetsuit

In my experience I’d say the camouflage is mostly for the diver. Think of it like a marketing tool for the dive shops. I’ve tried both plain black wetsuits and camo spearfishing wetsuits and I really feel the only difference is to me. I feel a heck of a lot cooler decked out in camo print, armed with my speargun, dive knife and the rest of my spearfishing gear.

But there are also small benefits to spearfishing in a camo wetsuit. You’re a little less obvious underwater, and if you’ve got your stalking and underwater hunting techniques down, a camo spearfishing wetsuit can help you close in on those last couple of feet.

Just make sure you’re buying a camo spearfishing wetsuit that matches the environment you’re diving. I most reef dive, so I always opt for the “green” or “brown” style of camo print. In open water I’ve a few friends who swear by the blue camouflage, but I’ve found I prefer if the big pelagics spot me. Because that’s when they close in to investigate the fat floaty man-thing in the water and I can get a shot off. Perhaps it’s just me.

Oh, and don’t forget the pattern. You want lots of big splotches to break up your outline. Not small differences that all look the same from a distance.

For me, I’d choose a camo spearfishing wetsuit any day of the week. It’s cool, and I swear it makes a difference, at least in my opinion.

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