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Cressi Spearguns Reviewed

If you’re looking for a spearfishing brand with a strong history, Cressi are one of the largest manufacturers of dive, snorkel and spearfishing equipment in the world.

Spread across five different divisions each with their own niche in ocean exploration, the Italian company was originally started by two brothers, Egidio and Nanni Cressi in 1946 in Genoa, Italy. To this day the business remains a family operation, run by Antonio Cressi.

But what makes Cressi truly great is the culture of innovation. What started as a hobby crafting masks and spearguns in 1939 led to the formation of the company, and instilled a passion for pushing the boundaries that continues in Cressi today. In 1952 the brothers created the Pinnochio mask that allowed divers to equalize, and later their Rondine Gara Fins pioneered the long-bladed designs still evident in freedivers today. From rebreathers used in the army to the new tear-drop shaped dive masks, Cressi have given us some of the best innovation in the sport of spearfishing.

Continuing to manufacture the vast majority of their products at the Cressi facility in Italy ensures not only the highest standards for quality, it gives the engineers the space to quickly develop test and incorporate new technologies into spearfishing gear. Extensive sea trials are a critical part of developing every new product the brand launches.

If you’re looking for top-quality spearfishing products that have been tried, tested and approved across the world, Cressi is a great brand for you.

Cressi SL Star Pneumatic Speargun

For anyone keen to spearfish with a pneumatic speargun, the SL Star is an option you’ll see recommended all over the web. It’s been in production for many years, and is one of the most reliable, accurate and precise pneumatic spearguns you’ll find. I personally like how easy they are to use, as well as how light the speargun is underwater. Plus, you can dial up the power for a little more range, or keep it low when you’re spearfishing in tight spaces.

Cressi SL Star, 40 cm
49 Reviews
Cressi SL Star, 40 cm
  • The SL Star is an ultra light, easy-to-use pneumatic spear gun and fire quickly. Ideal for spearfishing small to medium finishes
  • The SL Star range of pneumatic spear guns has been in production for many years, and they have won worldwide renowned for their excellence in reliability, precision, power and of being robust.
  • It features an anatomical high grip handle that enabling the gun to be held in line with the arm effortlessly.
  • The bright yellow handle allows you quick and easy identification of the gun even if it ends up on the sea-floor after shooting.
  • The SL guns are fitted with a safety catch to prevent accidental firing and, when the trigger is pulled the line release automatically releases the shaft line.

Cressi Apache Speargun

The staple speargun when it comes to Cressi, the Apache is their entry level model and is great if you’re new to the sport and still learning how to spear fish or wanting a smaller speargun to reach into caves and tight spaces. I like the sealed barrel so it maintains buoyancy while you’re spearfishing, and it comes ready to go so you can get out in the water fast.

Cressi Apache, Black, 75
115 Reviews
Cressi Apache, Black, 75
  • The Apache is a small and compact spear gun for small to medium fish, a great starter gun for any young spear.
  • Durable anodized heavy duty sealed aluminum barrel.
  • Closed muzzle for improved accuracy and ease of loading.
  • Advanced Tahitian-style flopper shaft for superior penetration. Special handle angle to increase the shot’s precision.
  • Replaceable band and wishbone assembly is user friendly.

Cressi Mohicano Speargun

The next level of speargun is the Mohicano, and it comes with a camouflage printed barrel to help you stalk your prey. Compact, minimal and aerodynamic in the water, it fits a 6mm shaft and with a barrel length up to 95cm it’s a great option if you’re looking for a mid-sized speargun.

Cressi Mohicano Camo Speargun, 95cm
23 Reviews
Cressi Mohicano Camo Speargun, 95cm
  • Mohicano is a gun for fast fishing with optimum maneuverability due to its tube ø26 mm rustproof aluminum with innovated section particularly rigid.
  • The included muzzle will handle regular and circular bands. Parallel elastic band ø 16 mm.
  • Rigged and reinforced barrel with shaft guide. Camouflage treatment. Notched shaft ø 6.0 mm included.
  • The anatomical white grip allows for a stronger arm and wrist position for shot and white makes for easy spotting if you happen to drop the speargun.
  • The Mohicano is designed and made in Italy by Cressi, brand pioneer in Scuba Diving, Freediving, and Spearfishing equipment since 1946.

Cressi Comanche Rail Speargun

One of the most recent updates to their spearguns on offer, the Comanche now includes an integrated rail giving spearo’s more accuracy in every shot. I’ve used it and I can tell you it’s a lightweight option that tracks wonderfully as you’re hunting your prey. The muzzle is nice and low profile so it’s easy to aim, and you’ve space for a second band to give more power to every shot you make, along with a dovetail notch for easy fitting of a speargun reel.

Cressi Comanche Rail 100
131 Reviews
Cressi Comanche Rail 100
  • Comanche is the world champion spear gun, the result of continuous fine-tuning and pursuit of perfection.
  • Very gentle shaft release system, ring for the line, sternal support for reloading, dovetail triggering for the reel.
  • The standard bands are black, highly reactive and quick, with a diameter of 16 mm and articulated wishbone.
  • Special, anti-corrosion aluminum tubes eliminate any bending of the barrel, even on the long models: Ø 28 mm.
  • Special handle angle to increase the shot’s precision.

Cressi Cherokee Speargun

The Cherokee speargun from Cressi is another great speargun. The integrated spear guide helps boost your accuracy, and a complete trigger mechanism from stainless steel. I like that you can reverse the side safety mechanism, and the magnetic shaft lock is a nifty little feature that helps hold it all in place while you’re reloading in the water.

Cressi Cherokee Ocean speargun, 110
2 Reviews
Cressi Cherokee Ocean speargun, 110
  • Put spearfishing success in the palm of your hands with the Cress Cherokee Ocean spear gun.
  • Designed for easiness shooting, the Cherokee Ocean features a comfortable, ergonomic handle and interchangeable high-low sternal support.
  • It's fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box, with multifilament braided nylon line and a Tahitian-style tip with flopper shaft barb. Shaft diameter: 7 mm.
  • The Magnetic spear lock uses magnets to hold the spear in place for maximum reset speed without a conventional mechanical restraint.
  • New hand evolved from that used in the Geronimo model, with multiple enhancements and anatomical modifications to improve grip, handling and resistance to bending.

Cressi Cherokee Open Speargun

While maintaining the durability and ergonomics Cressi is renowned for, the Cherokee Open speargun features a new butt for better handling and strength, along with reinforcements to the barrel that makes it robust and reliable, without adding friction (and slowing) your spaft as you spearfish. You’ve space to fit two bands in the muzzle, and there’s a new feature of an integrated rubber load assist making it easy to load.

Cressi Cherokee Open speargun, 90
1 Reviews
Cressi Cherokee Open speargun, 90
  • The most versatile gun in the Cherokee line, the Open model is equally good to hunt pelagic fish as well as bottom fish. Its Ø6.5mm shaft has enough impact for longer shoots and big fish in caves.
  • Over-sized enhanced trigger guard and trigger aligned with the barrel to eliminate inertia when firing.
  • Trigger mechanism that combines stainless steel and exclusive self-lubricating Teflon elements to minimize friction.
  • Anticorodal Ø28 mm aluminum hydro-formed barrel with integrated guide rail for the shaft. The barrel is completely sealed.
  • Quick loading open muzzle Magnetic Spear Lock. Shock absorber.

Cressi Cherokee Ocean Speargun

Taking the size of the speargun up a notch, the Ocean speargun comes fitted with a 7mm shaft (as opposed to the 6.5mm in the Open), and features a tapered barrel with hydrofoam to improve your ability to tack underwater. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a euro-styled speargun that’s tough as nails for spearfishing bigger fish.

Cressi Cherokee Open 110 Speargun
2 Reviews
Cressi Cherokee Open 110 Speargun
  • Put spearfishing success in the palm of your hands with the Cressi Cherokee Ocean speargun.
  • Designed for easiness shooting, the Cherokee Ocean features a comfortable, ergonomic handle and interchangeable high-low sternal support.
  • It's fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box, with multifilament braided nylon line and a Tahitian-style tip with flopper shaft barb. Shaft diameter: 7 mm.
  • The Magnetic spearlock uses magnets to hold the spear in place for maximum reset speed without a conventional mechanical restraint.
  • New hand evolved from that used in the Geronimo model, with multiple enhancements and anatomical modifications to improve grip, handling and resistance to bending.

Cressi Kiowa Custom Speargun

One of the newest spearguns from Cressi is the Kiowa Custom. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to get my hands on one yet for a review (it’s coming soon), this is a beauty of a speargun. The barrel is made from black anticorodal aluminum, and features an integrated shaft guide, open muzzle, and comes with only to core components of the speargun so you’re free to customize it as you like when you order.

Cressi are a staple in the spearfishing community as they produce so many great products designed for the underwater hunter. I’ve used, tested and highly recommend many key pieces of spearfishing gear from Cressi, here’s a few more products to check out:

Cressi Gara 2000 HF, 41/42
Cressi Drake Titanium Spearfishing Freediving Computer (Mimetic)
Cressi Anti-Slip Socks 3mm, blue hunter camo, M

Cressi Ultraspan Camo, 2.5mm, M
Cressi Long Stainless Steel Diving Knife with Sheat and Leg Straps | Orca: Made in Italy
Cressi F1 Frameless Mask, Green Camo

Cressi Tecnica 3.5mm Wetsuit [4/L]
Cressi Pano 3 & Supernova Dry Combo, Black/red
Cressi Lima Knife, Grey

The bottom line with Cressi is quality. If you’re looking for premium products that will stand up to everything you want to throw at them, invest a little more cash and go with Cressi. It’s a damn good choice for spearfishing gear that’ll last season after season.

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